Video: Formula E Electric Racer Hits the Streets of Rome

By · December 07, 2012

Formula E racer

The Formula E all-electric race series, backed by Jean Todt, president of motorsport's world governing body the Federation Internationale del'Automobile (FIA), is apparently on track to launch in 2014. It
will showcase the FIA's values and objectives of clean energy, mobility and sustainability, while attracting a wider and younger audience.

The entire Formula E series, as we previously covered on, will be staged on city-center tracks with Rio de Janiero immediately signing on to host one of the inaugural races. Rome recently agreed to become a host city. To celebrate, the city of Rome put Pirelli test driver Luca de Grassi in a Formula E racer to do a lap around the famed Roman Coliseum. The series hopes to soon add London, New York and Hong Kong to its list of venues.

The end goal is to feature at least 10 racing teams and 20 drivers when the series kicks off in 2014. Major racing outfits, including McClaren, Drayson and Bluebird, have shown interest in building vehicles and fielding teams in the electric racing series. In addition, several investors have already signed an agreement to support Formula E.

Formula E vehicles are based off a prototype designed by French company Formulec. The 1,720-pound vehicles will have a maximum speed of 137 miles per hour and run on a lithium-iron battery that provide at least 25 minutes of charged-up racing.

It's rumored that London's Olympic Stadium will host the inaugural race in 2014 and believed that at least 10 cities will need to sign on before the first-ever Formula E Championship Series gets the green light.

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