Toyota Discounts RAV4 EV by up to $7,500

By · December 19, 2012

Toyota RAV4 EV

Heavily discounted prices on the RAV4 EV are in effect until January 7, 2013, according to Toyota's website Though subject to limited availability (the RAV4 EV is only sold in California), potential Toyota RAV4 EV buyers who act fast can get in on Toyota's $5,000 cash back offer with 0 percent financing. In addition, Toyota is offering $2,500 in loyalty cash.

These discounts can be combined with the federal credit of $7,500 and any available state incentives. For example, in California, a RAV4 EV buyer who takes advantage of all of the available discounts ($7,500 federal credit, $2,500 state rebate, $5,000 Toyota cash back and $2,500 in loyalty cash), could purchase the all-electric crossover for as low as $32,300. That's a reduction of $17,500 off the RAV4 EV's base MSRP of $49,800.

Toyota RAV4 EV specs and price

Toyota hopes to sell 2,600 units over the next three years to satisfy CARB requirements and earn its needed ZEV credits. Sales of the RAV4 EV have averaged only 30 units per month. In order to sell 2,600 units over three years, Toyota will need to increase that monthly average to more than 70 units.


· Modern Marvel Fan (not verified) · 5 years ago

Why would anyone buy a "limited" range SUV? The whole point of SUV is "freedom" and "capability". The e_RAV4 has neither.

If people want to save gas, they buy a Leaf or C-Max Energi/Volt/Prius Plugin...

· · 5 years ago

The big problem for me is the Rav4EV is not available for sale here in NY State. I'm almost certain people would buy them here.

· · 5 years ago

@ modern marvel -

A bit of a narrow view, isn't it? Most folks I know who own SUVs do nothing but commute in them. Yes, some actually take them off-road... but my semi-educated guess is that most SUVs in the the most car-populated state of CA never leave the pavement . We have driven an electric SUV for over ten years now, and the freedom and capability it offers us is superior to the gas cars that we've owned before. Oh... and I've taken it offroad.

· Calvin Chow (not verified) · 5 years ago

I really appreciate these updates. It looks like the market is forcing Toyota to adjust its pricing!

· · 5 years ago

Well, actually it seems more that the CARB requirements are forcing them to adjust the pricing.

· Otmar (not verified) · 5 years ago

If Toyota had added the Tesla Supercharger socket I expect the attraction to buy one would be much greater. But with only the J1772 connector the slow charge rate is bound to be a hinderance to anyone other than local commuters.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 5 years ago

toyota does not care about the consumer they just want there zev credits thats why I have a leaf and will wait on nissans other products those companys who just build compliance cars can KEEP THEM!!!!

· Ecosanda (not verified) · 5 years ago

Where did you get the information about the dealer rebate? I spoke to three dealers who said they only knew about one for people that are leasing. I am not saying you are wrong. Sometimes sales people have inaccurate info. Back in 2000 when I was getting ready to buy my first Prius, the dealer did not know that they were about to come out.

· · 5 years ago

*Sometimes* sales people have inaccurate info? I about fell off my chair. I can't count the number of times that sales people at my local Toyota dealer have tried to convince me that Toyota NEVER made a full BEV... while I'm standing by or sitting in my 2002 Rav4EV. I have been told, "I know it gets GOOD mileage... but come on... it uses SOME gas." Telling the sales person that it has no gas engine does no good. When I mention there is no gas tank, I get the shaking of the head, and the look that says, "I'm going to stop arguing with you, because wrong as you are, you *might* be a future customer of mine. True story.

· · 5 years ago

I was hoping AWD would be offered as an option, but I suppose that's too much to expect of a limited-run, CARB compliance vehicle. Still, based on owner reports, the new RAV4 EV does seem to be a very solid EV.

BTW, one Nissan dealer (not the one I purchased my LEAF from) is completely "clueless" about the 2013 LEAF. They told me there won't really be changes, so I might as well upgrade to a 2012 model with a low payment. Anything to make a sale...

· · 5 years ago

Wait... you're saying that you managed to find even a second salesperson who either didn't know what he was talking about... or was unethical? Twice now I've fallen off my chair. ;)

· Objective (not verified) · 5 years ago

Hey, Paul Scott... you're a car salesman, aren't you?

· · 5 years ago

Paul *is* a Leaf salesmen, yes. Though I cringe at having him be referred to as only that - he's a long-time EV driver and EV proponent first and foremost. He sells LEAFs secondarily. He hasn't been on this thread that I can tell though. Was there something you needed him for? I'd be happy to point him here if he's needed.

Or... were you pointing out my bad-mouthing of car salespeople? Don't infer that my comments were about ALL sales people. Only that it is not hard to find ignorant and/or morally corrupt ones. There are *always* exceptions, no matter how small. And Paul is one of them. As I said - he's a car salesman secondarily - and as a way to beat down the well-earned terrible stereotype.

· · 5 years ago

re. car sales people... I should add in here that at the same time that Paul was starting to sell the LEAF, that I too tried to get my foot in the door. My local dealer would not even talk to me. Didn't matter that I had more EV experience than all staff combined. The only thing that mattered is that I had no experience in selling cars - as if EVs should be sold the same way as gas cars. So this issue of salespeople ignorance is continued at the management level - I mean why have anybody selling the cars who actually know something, when instead you can have people that move product regardless of customer satisfaction?

Ooh... way off subject now. Sorry. I'll stop.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 5 years ago

Loyalty Cash by Toyota? Hmm....never heard of it and nor shown at I got December New Vehicle Incentive Program chart from Toyota while I was at the dealership, no where I see the $2000 loyalty cash. I do see $5000 Toyota credit with 0% Apr, and of course $7500 Fed tax credit, $2500 CA Tax credit. So please clarify where it states about the Loyalty Cash. Thanks
Today I went looking for this vehicle and Nissan Leaf. Both are good and depends on what one likes are. I prefer a SUV being a taller guy fit well to my driving needs. But I do not drive more than 30-35 miles all day. So it is perfect. The cost to ownership is far comparable to me as I do not drive long distance.
My main concern are putting the Charging station at home which will cost me big bugs. The process does not look easier but will work on it before I buy this vehicle.

· · 5 years ago

The current Rav4ev would charge decently fast for me. For some reason, the Tesla charger is unbelievably inefficient at 110 volts. But any of the 220 volt options are fine, and youve got plenty of choices with the Rav4ev. You can buy either of 3 Levitons, 16, 32 , or 40 amps (I don't know why, but that 40 amp charger is very slick looking, and they won't sell you one if you dont have a Rav4EV!!!).. The 40 amp thing charges the unit in Several Hours. So thats not bad at all, plus it supposedly can go a REAL 100 miles. (The battery is certainly big enough, A bit over 40 kwh I believe). But the nicest thing is that they offer a range of choices. A couple of bigger battery options would have been nice too, as well as selling it in my State, but all in all a very nice effort by Toyota.

· · 5 years ago

@Eric Loveday - what is your source? I live in Berkeley and I can't find any local dealers who have info on their websites. Thanks.

· · 5 years ago

I have the same question. This has been picked up and repeated often, but I've never seen or heard of it happening yet. I've had others tell me that all owners of the classic Rav4EV have been sent these loyalty coupons. I can tell you from direct experience that this is not the case! I have yet to find anybody who actually knows about this coupon.

· · 5 years ago

I just spoke to Toyota of Berkeley and they have the 5k cash back offer but not not the 2.5k loyalty offer and they say that it does not exist.


· · 5 years ago

I am *very* interested in where this idea started!

· Modern M (not verified) · 5 years ago

"but my semi-educated guess is that most SUVs in the the most car-populated state of CA never leave the pavement"

Well, many of those SUVs never leave the pavement, but many of them are driven to the Sierra Nevada or a long holiday weekend camping trips or trips to Grandma's house. An electric SUV with no AWD/FWD/Winter capability AND lack of long distance capability have very limited appeals.

Sure, you might think it is useful, so are 30 other people per month think so too, but you and those 30 people per months are in the minorities. Its HIGH price certainly won't justify it. A Sports edition Rav-4 is $28k. Nobody is going to pay extra $20k for a less capable SUV unless they are willing to pay extra for being "electric"...

At the end of the day, people buy with "$ense" first.

· Marco Loglio (not verified) · 5 years ago

well. if Toyota people just could wake up a little bit, they could use a better battery and get a much longer range for they RAV4 SUV. I already introduce in this forum my lithium battery that can power an EV for more then 800 Km with one charge with all the possible safety and guarantee. So if the peple of California like to have their pic nic on the sierra Navada it will be no problem.
World leading car magazine like the italian Quattroruote ( one millions readers) has published an article on these batteries . I wonder why this respectable internet magazine still never notice to their readers of these new battery and their high energy density.
I still remember the movie "who killed the electric car" ...if the press and the car makers neglets the best invention in this field and stick to performance of 20 years ago is easy to understan who killed and continue to kill the Electric cars.

· · 5 years ago

>> Well, many of those SUVs never leave the pavement, but many of them are driven to the Sierra Nevada or a long holiday weekend camping trips or trips to Grandma's house. <<

You are correct. However, you're question was specifically, "Why would anyone buy a "limited" range SUV?"

I endeavored to answer your question, not to convince you that there is no need for a 4WD SUV.

And my answer is quite simple: Because many SUV drivers have no need for 4WD or long range. Many SUVs are used for limited-range, on-pavement commuting only. While others, of course are used in ways that they were intended. Not everybody has yours needs, nor does everybody have my needs. But some folks are commuting short distances in SUVs and doing nothing else with the cars. They might find this EV to be a terrific product for their needs. Don't get stuck in thinking that everybody uses their cars the same way you do. After all, that's what folks so often accuse ME of!

· · 5 years ago

@Marco Loglio

Thank you for clarifying the battery type, I gave you the number of an Old USART by mistake.

Please give an English Language Link to a Web Based article on your batteries. If Millions of readers have already read about them, I'd like to do so also.
Thanks in advance.

· · 5 years ago

I test drove a RAV4 EV today (Jan 16, 2013) and was offered 60 months 0% financing and $6,000 customer cash. The customer cash can be applied to cash, finance or lease transactions. These offers are straight from Toyota. The dealer themselves were only giving $50 off MSRP. Yes, that's right - Fifty whole dollars. They had 5 on hand, 4 silver and one white. I think I prefer the blue. Anyway, I'm waiting to see if I get my whole tax credit from my PV system on my 2012 taxes before I go for another big tax credit.

· · 5 years ago

I know of two people total who got the $2500 loyalty cash for a Rav4 EV purchase. The program ended Jan 15, 2013.

The 40 amp Leviton charging station can now be purchased without all the strings attached as before. I personally tried to buy one, and got the whole run around about $100 site surveys, etc. When I told them I didn't need anything but the 40 amp unit, they wouldn't budge. I bought a Clipper Creek. It pumps in 40 amps just fine, and no hassles to buy.

The current $6000 Toyota credit is in effect until Feb 4, 2013. Toyota has only sold about 200 of these cars since release on Sept 24, 2012. They need to sell 2600 in three years, to meet the 0.79% Zero Emissions Vehicles threshold in California, so they are way below the monthly sales rate to hit that target, hence bigger and bigger incentives!!!

In addition, of course the car still qualifies for $7500 federal tax credit and $2500 state rebate; $16,000 total, plus 0% financing. NOTE: Toyota will NOT include the $7500 fed tax credit in a lease. Carson Toyota (near LAX) will take $1000 off the MSRP.

The Rav4 is available in EVERY state; you just have to make a deal with a California Toyota dealer and have it shipped. There are already several out-of-state Rav4 owners. Yes, any Toyota dealer will service them, unless there is a specific powertrain (Tesla) issue, then a special service center must be found. Yes, if the battery or motor blew up, you might have to ship it back to California for warranty repair.

· · 5 years ago

Well, another month and another bump in the RAV4 EV promotion. Current Toyota Bonus Cash in Northern California is $7,000 through 3/4/2013. Southern California is $7,500. 0% 60 month financing is still available to those who qualify. Bonus cash must be applied to down payment or walk off cost on leases. See for more details.

According to the January dashboard, they only sold 25 last month. That brings the cumulative total to 217 through the end of January. It seems the initial pent-up demand from people who were actually waiting for this model and motivated to get the tax credit on their 2012 returns have already purchased. I'm curious to see where it goes from here.

The dealer that I visited in Silicon Valley only discounted the vehicle $50 and claimed they were a haggle-free store. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they are now tied for the highest inventory in the state at 12 vehicles, according to Rumors put available dealer discounts at around $2,500 at more motivated dealers. That could bring the total buyer benefit to nearly $20,000 including all discounts, tax credits and rebates. If I can hit that number by this summer, I will probably buy one. The Model S configuration I want is $73,000. That's a pretty steep premium for beauty, handling and supercharging.

· · 5 years ago

Yet another bump for Toyota Bonus Cash on the RAV4 EV.
Northern California is now $8,800 and Southern California is $10,000 through 4/1/13. 0% 60 month financing also continues. The language at makes it sound like you need to take the financing to get the bonus cash. At zero percent, I don't see why you wouldn't take it unless your credit does not allow it, but if you were going to pay cash, you can just up the down payment to the point that they will approve.

February sales were only 52 units, so I expect Toyota will continue to put cash on the hood until they can approach the selling rate they need to reach their ZEV target.

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