Tesla Reveals Plans for Lower Priced Fourth Electric Vehicle

By · February 13, 2012

Tesla Roadster and Model S

Tesla's fourth electric vehicle will likely launch in 2015.

During last week's unveiling of the Model X, Tesla CEO Elon Musk let slip a bit of info not usually discussed by the electric automaker. According to Musk, Tesla will soon reveal a fourth vehicle that it will add to its growing lineup of eEVs. As Musk stated, "A fourth model, aimed at a lower price point and wider audience" will be officially announced in 18 to 24 months and will launch in early 2015.

Though not much is known of the fourth model, Musk's "lower price point and wider audience" statement is welcome—as Tesla currently targets a narrow market of potential buyers with its pricey offerings.

Tesla Model X

Tesla's fourth vehicle will be targeted at mainstream buyers and be priced below its current offerings.

Where exactly could this fourth vehicle slot into Tesla's lineup? With Tesla, performance is a given. But a "lower price point" likely implies less range and a smaller platform—perhaps a compact hatchback or sedan.

In related news, Tesla's next-generation Roadster won't arrive until after its "smaller, mass-market electric vehicle" debuts, according to Elon Musk. This implies that Tesla won't offer a successor to its Roadster until 2016 or later.


· · 6 years ago

IIRC, Tesla's original plan was for the 3rd car to fall in the $30k range. I guess it's better late than never. I hope Tesla succeeds in a big way. We need a "pure-bred" company like them to lead the charge away from oil.

· Jeff R. (not verified) · 6 years ago

Well, this more affordable offering from Tesla would be 5 years after the Nissan Leaf, the first affordable mass produced EV. Not exactly a groundbreaking announcement from Tesla, unless the car is $15,000 or has twice the range of the Leaf.

Meanwhile, we've already put 10,000 miles on our Leaf and by 2015, we should have 50,000 all-electric, solar powered miles(thanks to Elon's SolarCity)!

· · 6 years ago

This lower priced model has been on the Tesla roadmap for a long time. Supposed to be $30k after tax credits and compete with BMW 3 series kind of entry luxury cars.

· · 6 years ago

I agree with Brain. I hope Tesla wins it big, not only to prove that EV's can do well but also to show some real American Innovation. I hope that the Model S does well. It's all talk right now with Elon Musk let's hope he will deliver.

· · 6 years ago

The 1,500+ Roadsters that Tesla has already delivered is quite an accomplishment for a startup company. And other than the first few that they made the Roadsters have proven to be very reliable and worthwhile cars. Admittenly they just did the powertrain with the Roadster where they are doing the whole car with the Models S/X.

They clearly have a lot of challenges to over come to do everything they are doing, but so far they have been delivering the goods.

And the Roadster at $100k+, the Models S/X at $60k to $80k and the Gen 3 (as they call it as a place holder name) expected in the 30k's, they are marching down the cost quantity curve at a healthy clip for a company that does not have the resources of an existing major auto company behind them.

If they succeed we all win. Their plan is not just for the rich. They just had to start there given the minimum price they needed to charge during the low volume early days.

Between Nissan and Tesla alone I would say that the future for EVs looks bright.

And that will put tremendous pressure on the other majors to do more. One result of the Roadster was for GM to do the Volt. Imagine how the majors will react to the LEAF, Models S/X and the Gen 3. The other majors can't afford to ignore these things or they will get too far behind given the number of years it takes to put a mass produced EV into full production.

· EV_Tom (not verified) · 6 years ago

A little while ago Mr. Musk talked about his finances. He spent a lot of his own capital in Tesla and SpaceX despite that they were not making money at the time. I can see Tesla and SpaceX are up and coming players in their markets respectively. Musk was willing to actually sacrifice his own fortune for a product he believes in. I like it when a businessman/inventor is willing to put skin in the game for his product. That's what Americas all about... freedom to innovate new products that can be game changers.

· · 6 years ago

A clearer look at the Model X on youtube.


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