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By Alysha Webb ·
November 08, 2013

Tesla Buyers Denied $2,500 Rebate in Texas

Tesla Motors has its hands-full these days—with the third vehicle fire in six weeks and difficulties finding an adequate supply of batteries to meet growth expectations. On top of that, Tesla has to deal with Texas. The company is already not allowed to sell its vehicles in the Lone Star State. Now, Texans who manage to buy a Tesla are being blocked from receiving a planned $2,500 rebate for buyers of electric vehicles.

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By David Herron ·
November 07, 2013

Tesla Model S Blaze in Nashville Makes Three Fires in Six Weeks

A Tesla Model S caught fire yesterday south of Nashville,Tenn., making a string of three Model S car fires in a little over a month. Like the other two incidents, nobody was injured, reinforcing claims that the Model S is safe. Few details are known other than pictures found on Twitter and Instagram, and an initial statement from Tesla Motors.

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By Laurent J. Masson ·
November 06, 2013

Why Tesla Rules: Huge Battery With Small Cells

People sometimes ask ask me, “What's the best car in the world?” Some will say the best is Ferrari. Others say it's a Porsche or the Mercedes S-Class—while others favor something more mundane, like a Volkswagen Golf, because it's very dependable affordable transportation. If you're talking specifically electric cars, the answer is obvious: the Tesla Model S. Nothing else comes close. What does Tesla know that nobody else does?

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By David Herron ·
November 06, 2013

Tesla Motors: Battery Supply Crunch Limiting Model S Production

In yesterday's conference call discussing Q3 2013 financial results, Tesla CEO Elon Musk repeatedly said Model S production is limited not by customer demand, but constraints in supplies of parts, primarily battery cells. He hinted at a “giant” battery factory in the works.

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By Brad Berman ·
October 30, 2013

Tesla Litmus Test: Developing Entire Lineup of Tesla Models

Tesla Motors last week hired Doug Field, the Apple exec who oversaw development of groundbreaking products such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. The idea is for Field to bring some of that product creation mojo to an entire lineup of Tesla models. To achieve its vast ambitions, Tesla needs more than just two or three models.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
October 29, 2013

Second Tesla Model S Battery Fire Causes Stock Plunge

Tesla was just recovering from the fallout after a Washington State crash and fire. A second incident, this time in Mexico, is worrying both consumers and the financial markets. But, again, the circumstances tend to favor Tesla's claim that battery fires will be limited and occur only in extraordinary circumstances.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
October 23, 2013

Tesla Gives German Owners Free Tuning for the Autobahn

Since the introduction of the Model S introduction in mid-2012, Tesla Motors has been continually upgrading the car’s technical specifications, such as having the hideaway door handles slide open when you approach the vehicle and adding a trip planner to help drivers manage electricity consumption. Tesla took that to a new level this week with its announcement that in Germany its all-electric luxury sedans will be tuned for ideal driving on the country's famous Autobahn.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
October 17, 2013

Tesla Still the Big Winner in California ZEV Credit Sales

Tesla has the high volume in electric vehicle sales, and that pays as credit-hungry automakers buy up its lucrative credits.

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By Tom Moloughney ·
October 08, 2013

The Model S Fire Was a Good Thing for Tesla

It was just a matter of time before it happened to a Model S, and in this instance, it couldn’t have been any better for Tesla even if they planned the whole thing.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
October 07, 2013

Tesla Makes Model S Compatible With CHAdeMO

Currently, with the right adapters from Tesla, you can charge up a Model S electric car from practically any power source, from a 120-volt outlet or standard wall outlet for a clothes dryer, to a Level 2 public charging station or, of course, Tesla’s network of proprietary Supercharger stations. Now, Tesla has confirmed a CHAdeMO quick charge adapter will be available this winter that will give Model S owners the ability to charge their luxury sedans from the same charging stations used to quick-charge the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i.

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