Nick is a tireless and passionate next generation car enthusiast. Since 2007 he has written hundreds of posts for outlets such as The New York Times, Motor Trend, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics,, The Daily Green,, and Gas 2.0.

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Nick has also been syndicated in dozens of other outlets including the Matter Network, AP, and Reuters. He is recognized widely as a leading thinker and influencer in the world of electric cars and has been an invited guest of many auto manufacturers at major events, an invited speaker at alt-car conferences, and a consultant to help governmental entities figure out how to develop plug-in infrastructure.

Highlights of his career include being invited to be one of the first five Americans in the world to test drive a pre-production Nissan LEAF in Japan as well as being the first individual on the planet to be given the chance to do a full range test of the LEAF. He is also a driving force in the state of Washington to convince politicians to bring electric vehicle infrastructure to rural areas of the state.

Nick currently resides in Central Washington where electricity is 3 cents per kWh and electric cars can be driven for a half a penny per mile on clean hydro power.

Converted petrol head going electric. Tesla Model S P270 (Europe)

Tom is an passionate EV advocate as well as a proponent of US energy independence and a member of the Board member for Plug in America. Tom charges his ActiveE and powers his home with his 8.8kw solar PV system and expresses his support for EV+PV combination.

Tom maintains a blog about his experiences driving the BMW ActiveE and also one for the BMW i3. You can view them here:



When I bought my previous car in 1998 I hoped to get into a ZEV but in 2005 that wasn't possible so I am now on target to relinquish it in 2012 and actually step into a ZEV. It's been my dream for a long time. Presently I'm on the waiting list for a Tesla Model S. We'll see what the landscape is like in 2012.

I will be looking for a car around october 2011, when I get my license.


Electronics Engineer. Experience with PEV battery development and testing, battery management, DC fast chargers and AC Chargers. Would love to have an all electric as my daily commuter but it is currently not feasible.

Remy Tennant is founder of CleanTech Media Solutions, his passion project, and enjoys his days as Product Marketing Manger at Digital Air Strike, a social media agency that serves thousands of car dealers across the US. Contact him at


Grew up barefoot, owns/operates small high tech firm, happily married for over 20 years, homeschools two amazing teens, life is good.

San diego is my home. every where you go here ya need to drive. I have been waiting for a EV to show up that i like so i can give my legend the boot. But time is runing out, My cars engine is terminal. I dont want to buy/leese another gas car but, when my engine will blow is a mistery. Could be tomorrow could be 2 years from now. I just want to make it to 2012!

New news my car is dead! now what do i do? do i get a cheap beater or a lease?