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Storing a Leaf

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kraff · · 7 years ago

I have a question about storing a Leaf over longer periods of time. My job entails travel to other cities and countries, sometimes for months at a time. What is the best state to leave the car in? Leave it plugged into the charging station? Leave it unplugged, and let battery drain? Leave it with a full charge? Leave the car with a drained battery? I'm looking for the answer that will best preserve the battery's longevity. Thanks in advance!


· · 7 years ago

I would think that the car would be fine if you left it fully charged and not plugged into your charge station. These cars hold their charge very well and I wouldn't think it is a problem. Do not leave it discharged though. I'm not sure what the exact specs on the LEAFs battery self discharge is, but I have read somewhere that it is around 5% per month so you could leave it for a long while before you had a problem.

· extradank (not verified) · 7 years ago

i would think its best to keep it on trickle charge... your charging station should be smart enough to keep your battery at optimum charge when you return and would like to unwind by driving your favorite car around home.

· · 7 years ago

I cannot comment directly on the Leaf's battery, but most Lithium-ion batteries store best when at 40% to 60% of full charge and kept at lower temperatures.

· · 7 years ago

I don't know about the Leaf but the Tesla Roadster has a 'storage mode' charging setting that keeps the battery around 50% State of Charge.
This is a feature of the Tesla Roadster that I like. There are 3 charging modes: Standard, Range, and Storage. Standard mode only charges it to about 90% and declares you empty at 10%. This is good for daily usage. You get about 180 miles of ideal range this way. Range mode gives you the full battery capability but warns you that frequent usage will reduce battery life. Storage is specifically for kraff's situation.
I for one just wish there was a way to remotely switch it from Storage to Standard or Range mode so I could have a full charge waiting for me at the airport or home without having to leave it for a long time in one of those modes.

· · 7 years ago

EX- Yes the storage mode on the Roadster is a nice feature but I don't expect to see it(hopefully I'm wrong) on the LEAF or Volt. At lease I haven't read about it anywhere. Tesla knew that many Roadster buyers would not be driving the car frequently and just "adding it to their collection" so they had to figure out a way to deal with the long periods where the car wouldn't be used. That's not going to be the case too often for mortal cars like the next wave of EV's that are coming. Still I think it's a great idea and hopefully others will see the usefulness of it and add it to the daily drivers too.

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