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By Eric Loveday ·
October 04, 2012

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Priced at $25,000

When it launches in spring 2013, the completely overhauled Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will become America's cheapest electric vehicle offered for sale by a mainstream automaker. Available for an after-rebate price of only $17,500, the 2913 ForTwo ED could win over new EV buyers.

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By Michael Coates ·
September 27, 2012

Here Comes the Electric Autobahn

During the past few months, I've had the chance to drive representative models from each of the German "Big Three." They represent slightly different approaches to the EV market but all are either already in the market or will be soon.

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By Nick Kurczewski ·
September 17, 2012

Smart ForStars Concept Is Electric-Powered Mobile Drive-in

The Smart ForStars Concept is ready to make a statement at this year’s Paris Auto Show and, in case no one is listening, the two-passenger EV has a built-in move projector mounted in its nose to drive the point home.

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By Laurent J. Masson ·
July 18, 2012

Test Drive: Smart Finally Gets It Right with Latest Electric Car

The latest news from German automakers regarding EVs have not been very exciting. Some people even question their commitment to electric mobility. But after driving the latest electric Smart and meeting the people behind it, there's no doubt. It's real, and that the manufacturer is very serious about it.

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By Eric Loveday ·
June 20, 2012

Autocar Calls 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive "Most Credible Pure Electric" to Date

Autocar's initial review of the 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive closes with these words of electric minicar praise: "chic, entertaining and practical...this electric Smart is the most credible pure electric yet."

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By Brad Berman ·
June 13, 2012

Production of Third-Gen Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Now Underway

Production of the third-generation, 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is now officially underway. For 2012, the Smart Fortwo ED ditches its 16.5-kWh Tesla-engineered battery pack in favor of a 17.6-kWh unit manufactured by Deutsche ACCUmotive. The 17.-kWh unit enables the 2012 Fortwo Electric Drive to cover an estimated 86 miles, up slightly from the 83-mile range of the outgoing electric two-seater.

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By Eric Loveday ·
December 08, 2011

Rinspeed Takes Aim at Electric Car Range Anxiety with Dock+Go Concept

Swiss firm Rinspeed aims to solve the "range anxiety" issue associated with electric vehicles with its range-extending Dock+Go concept. The Dock+Go system is unique in that it's specifically designed to match the electric vehicle that it will be fitted to. Additionally, Dock+Go is easily detached when its range-extending capabilities aren't required.

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By Laurent J. Masson ·
August 16, 2011

Third-Generation Electric smart Car Adds Power, And a Bike

The motor from the third-generation car offers 55 kw with 96 lbs-ft of torque. That's up from the second-generation, which makes 30 kW with 88-lbs/ft of torque. That's a big improvement. The manufacturer says acceleration 0-to-62-mph is down to 13 seconds.

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By Brad Berman ·
June 01, 2011

Nissan LEAF Sales Zoom Ahead of Chevy Volt

The sales race between the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt for leading electric car has been neck-and-neck most of this year. But in May, Nissan pulled way ahead of G.M. tallying 1,142 sales of the LEAF, while Volt sales remained flat at 481 units. The total number of sales of both vehicles is essentially equal—2,184 units for the Volt and 2,167 units for the LEAF. Yet, all eyes are on the emerging pattern now that both companies have had six months to ramp up production, and begin working toward annual sales targets.

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By Brad Berman ·
March 14, 2011

Exclusive: Daimler’s Director of Fuel Cells and Battery-Drive Explains Cautious Approach

Last week, I took a spin in the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car, on the San Francisco leg of the “F-Cell World Drive.” After the short ride, I caught up with Dr. Christian Mohrdieck, Daimler’s director of fuel cell and battery drive development, to learn about Daimler’s relatively cautious approach on EVs compared to some other automakers. "Nissan has reduced numbers and delayed introduction times, so I think nobody can ignore reality of electro-chemistry," he said. "I think the problems to be solved are the same for everybody."

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