SemaConnect Charging Stations Add Convenient QR Code Pay-by-Cell System

By · January 21, 2013

SemaConnect QR code system

Plug-in vehicle charging is now even more convenient with the launch of SemaConnect's mobile payment system, which will soon be available on all of SemaConnect's public charging stations in the US.

The mobile payment system simply allows plug-in vehicle owners to pay for charging by scanning a QR code with their smartphones. This eliminates the need to swipe a credit card or to call customer support to submit payment information over the phone. Though this is not a breakthrough (other charging stations do allow mobile phone payments), it's certainly an added convenience for those that frequent SemaConnect stations. This mobile payment service is provided by ParkNOW.

"One of the biggest concerns of EV drivers is where to charge up and how to pay for it in a convenient way," says Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect. "Because of this innovative partnership, electric vehicle drivers can charge their cars without the added concern about having a charging pass or having to use a payment station. The ease of paying for EV charging is a benefit that we are excited to offer our customers and this partnership makes that possible."


Best of all, use of this mobile payment system does not require a membership account, nor is there a fee involved.

"We're focused on building more products that make it easier than ever to own and charge an electric vehicle," adds Reddy. "As the EV Charging industry matures, we're aggressively building more smart and efficient ways for station owners to manage their stations, and for electric vehicle drivers to utilize them."

To use this payment feature, visit a SemaConnect ChargePro station, access by phone browser and click "start charging now." Enter the station's serial number and credit card details. Confirm the station location and cost, complete the charging process and then payment is submitted. Not as simple as we'd like to see it be, but it's a step in the right direction.

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