Coverage of Saab ePower

By · February 02, 2011

Saab ePower

Just curious why there has been zero coverage to date for the Saab ePower, which is a concept that is closer to production than half the cars on the list?

Today they announced that UQM will be supplying their engines:

Could someone fix this?

Also Saab has a bolt on electric 4WD motor-generator for the rear axle of FWD cars. Pretty damn cool stuff, allowing electric torque vectoring.


· · 3 years ago

@Plattform - Actually, we did a video about the ePower in LA, here:

Also, Nick wrote about it here and here, mentioning: "Saab has yet to say when, or if, the 9-3 ePower will see the mass market."

Maybe the UQM announcement makes it a little more real?

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