Tesla Roadster 2.5 Released

· · 8 years ago

The Tesla Motors Roadster upgrade, dubbed the 2.5, is sporting a distinct new look. The car is better suited to extreme temperatures and may serve as a testament to the company's dedication to steady improvement.

Tesla announced the release of the car last week and it will soon be available for to order at Tesla stores globally. The Roadster's new model is coming out as Tesla announces two new retails stores, in Copenhagen and Newport Beach, Calif.

The release of Roadster version 2.5 shows how Tesla incorporated one year's worth of feedback to the Roadster 2.0 release. "These improvements are a direct result of customer feedback," said CEO Elon Musk. Even though much of the company's efforts are focused on the release of its more affordable sedan, the Model S, Musk promised that "we still care a great deal about improving the Tesla Roadster."

The car's new look will include front end and rear diffusers, "reflecting the future of Tesla design," per the press release. It will include more comfortable seats with better lumbar support and will have power control hardware that will enable "spirited driving" in very hot climates.


· · 8 years ago

Oh man, if I only had a spare 120k lying around.

· · 8 years ago

I had it in my pocket yesterday! Must be in the couch cushions.

I'd be interested to hear details on how they are going to handle the cooling better going forward. I mean, you can always throw more energy at it with AC... but I hope there's something more elegant and efficient.

· · 8 years ago

It wouldn't be too difficult to get a big improvement on the Power Electronics Module (PEM) or the motor. Both have minimal airflow cooling them. While they work great in the first versions, they do tend to overheat during hard driving in high temperatures (read: whomping Ferraris in the Mojave Desert at Willow Springs at ambient temperatures over 100F).
Remember, the Tesla Roadster is just the beginning of what an EV can do. Give it another few years of improvements and the ICE is dead in the performance category.

· · 8 years ago

Talk about cooling. Today it was 104 here in NJ and I drove my MINI-E about 50 miles at 50-60mph. Battery temp got up to 116 and regen completely disengaged. It was so strange driving the car without regenerative braking. I just couldn't get used to the car coasting when I ease up on the accelerator. Anyway, after driving I plugged in to charge on my 50amp charger at my restaurant. The car wouldn't charge at all. After about 4 hours it only charged about 8%. The car usually charges 30% per hour @ 50amps. I just unplugged and let it rest. I have plenty of juice to drive home tonight anyway. The lack of any real heating/cooling system is really the biggest flaw of the MINI. They could never sell the car as it is, although I understand they aren't selling them now or ever, just saying. This is the first time in 13 months that it wouldn't charge due to the heat. I am really concerned about this on the LEAF since they have basically what the MINI-E has, just fans that blow cabin air over the pack to cool it.

· · 1 year ago

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Thanks a lot

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