In The PlugShare Garage: BMW i3

By · December 20, 2013

We get a lot of interesting visitors at the PlugShare office in Venice, California. Today we hosted a lucky neighbor who was driving a BMW i3 for a couple days.

What questions do you have about the i3?

What do you want to see in photos?

Leave us a comment below!

BMW i3

No problem fitting in the space.

BMW i3


BMW i3

Can you see the family resemblance?

BMW i3

With the Combined Charging System, the i3 can use both EV plugs (J-1772) and the new fast chargers, but not CHAdeMO.

BMW i3

Don't let the thin wheels fool you, this car handles like a BMW.

BMW i3

Who wants to go for a ride?


· · 52 weeks ago

How about cargo area, with back seats up and down?

· · 52 weeks ago

REx or No?

Any CCS station nearby to try out?

How fast does it charge? Does any pre-conditioning of the battery slow down the charging rate?

· · 51 weeks ago

Does the front passenger seat fold down fully forward like my Saturn Ion3 does?. It is a nice feature if you want to haul something like an 8’ long package, just fold down the rear seat and the front seat and the package lays in the trunk and extends up to the dash.

· · 51 weeks ago

Photos of the trunk and hood open, please!

· · 51 weeks ago

Fisheye lens? :)

If we can hear about actual range and energy consumption, that would be great.

· · 51 weeks ago

Does the sunroof slide open or does it just lift up a bit at the back?

· · 51 weeks ago

Old Billygoat:

The sunroof does slide back. There are distinct two openings from inside the car with a roof divider between them but the sunroof slides open as one piece. The driver or passenger can pull a roll out sun screen to shade their individual side from direct sunlight but the whole unit slides open as one. It kind of reminds me of a car with a T-Top from inside.

No the front passenger seat does not fold flat forward.


I have a LOT of pictures of the frunk and the hatch with the seats up or down. You can see them on my i3 blog or I can email them to you if you would like.

· · 50 weeks ago

Thanks Tom – I just hauled some 8’x16” shelving boards home in my Saturn the other day and really appreciated that feature. I like the idea of the individual sun shades for the sunroof, thanks again - Steve

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