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christopher j · · 5 years ago

I would like to know who own's a Coda and how they feel about their Coda, Like I do and not hear rants from NON-Owners please!


· · 5 years ago

My wife bought her Coda back in March. It was a very early model (#2 in fact, which is notably etched nicely next to the gear shift dial) , and Martin Cadillac/Coda where we purchased it has updated it in many ways to make it the best it can be(sofware, suspension tweaks, a few fit/finish tweaks, sound dampening and such). After all, we were early adopters. But we are very satisfied with the mileage we achieve (around 100 miles range) and the very high quality feel of its power delivery. I actually prefer it over my Dodge Hemi which has much of the bluster and cataclysm that those little explosions in a metal box have to offer. But the Hemi and any gas engine feels cave man in comparison, really. The electric power delivery is superior, more starship enterprise than anything else. And In the Coda I have absolutely no guilt in laying on the throttle as a norm, rather than worrying about gas mileage and wear and tear on the engine and brakes, as I had done for so many years. That in itself is fairly liberating for a sporting driver. The whine is a bit obtrusive at highway speeds, but you get used to it for sure. We are used to driving Benzes, BMW's, Volvo's, so this was a step down in the luxury side of things, but the wife was willing to forgo that for the myriad ethical arguments. In other words, the Coda feels more Honda Civic then Mercedes C-Class. And it doesn't burn gas. But thats not a totally bad thing.

The ability to drive past gas stations with their smelly, sticky, gas pump handles is a grinner. Our solar panels power this little beast, where as we were spending 3 to 4 thousand a year on petro on the Volvo SUV the Coda replaced. Our electric bill hovers around two dollars a month, and we don't even charge late at night peak hours most of the time.

The trunk is spacious, the interior does not feel cramped like a Civic or BMW 3 serious does for me. The low center of gravity inspires confidence, though overall grip is not that particularly high. The stiched leather is nice, the seats are comfy though not electric.

The Coda is our number one car. The Hemi is for longer trips or when the Coda is otherwise occupied. Consider us satisfied owners!

· · 5 years ago

We purchased our CODA on Dec 21, 2012. We had a reservation for the 150 mile range version for many months, but the incentives offered in December were just too great to pass up ($2K from CODA, $2K from CODA Silicon Valley Dealership, and $2K to cover a free GE Wattstation 30 amp EVSE with $798 of that $2K to cover installation). These incentives cut our out-the-door cost to $36K, with $10K due from the Fed tax credit and CA State Rebate.

Then we had to get home from Santa Clara to the Sacramento area in a car with a 125 mile range (umm, the Sacto area is further than that... oh well, let's just go for it). Halfway home, I remembered reading that battery packs take a couple months of regular cycling to reach their highest potential range, so I realized I would not make it home.
I found St. Jorge Winery in Acampo, just north of Lodi, with a ChargePoint Level 2 charger. I was 111 miles from the dealership on our first trip. I spent 1.25 hours there, chatting with the very friendly owners, bought two bottles of wine, and headed home, making it easily. I did reduce my speed to an average of about 62mph after the Altamont Pass, but then I hit headwinds, so I was very impressed to make it so far on our first day.

I now have multiple EV charge location apps on my iPhone, which makes us much more relaxed ( free chargers are at Nissan LEAF dealerships, plus most are very friendly, even to owners of other branded EVs...just don't abuse this privilege and pass on the good news about these dealerships to everyone). This is not our first alternative fuel vehicle, having spent 14 years with a Honda Civic GX (dedicated compressed natural gas), so we already dealt with range anxiety. There is much less anxiety with an EV over a CNG car, since there are so many more locations with Level 2 chargers to help us if necessary.

We regularly notice a top range of 121 to 124 miles appearing in the Green Screen of the Alpine Navi when we wake in the morning (it is actually very close to accurate, with the expected range well below what we are always able to achieve). We already have 700 miles since Dec 21, so our Volvo V40 sits in the garage most of the time. This is exactly what happened with our Honda CNG after we purchased a used Fuelmaker Phill compressor (it became our #1 car). Refueling a CNG car overnight is just like recharging an EV overnight, though the EV is able to charge much more quickly.

We love the smooth operation of the CODA. The brakes do take some getting used to, since they are also part of the regen system. There is no cruise control, which we both miss, but it was not a deal breaker. We decided to choose the eco fabric, rather than leather, and have been very happy with it (comfortable and much warmer than leather in the winter). Acceleration is brisk, much better than our Civic CNG, plus it feels so effortless. It is amazing that such a small motor can produce so much power and torque.

We have had many neighbors and friends comment about our CODA. They love how it looks, afraid that it would be a freak show on wheels. Some pundits have complained about the "plain vanilla" appearance of the CODA, but we see it in the same light as a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla... nothing flashy, but a nice looking car. Since our friends and neighbors agree, maybe the pundits have the appearance "opinion" all wrong (eye of the beholder)!

I wish that the Alpine Navi and CODA green screen would allow searches for charging stations, but smartphones do it just as well, and likely much more cheaply in the long run. It syncs with my iPhone and iPod Touch, and even includes cover art as it plays. Bluetooth discovery was simple and quick.

With CODA's statement that we can expect no more than a 7% decline in battery capacity after 3,500 full cycle charges (this equates to over 300K miles), we do not expect to be in the situation of some LEAF owners who are already down to 70% of capacity after only 50K miles (though this appears to be limited to owners in very hot climates like Phoenix and the Mojave). Battery packs are damaged by heat, so battery thermal management is crucial and CODA has done an excellent job with the HVAC connected battery heating and cooling system.

While our CODA is not flashy, it is definitely more than competent and we are very happy with our decision to purchase now, rather than wait until mid-2013 for only 25 miles more range. We need a CODA dealership in the Sacramento area, since this area is ranked #5 in the nation for EV readiness and acceptance. More dealerships, more sales, especially for such a great car.

· · 5 years ago

I just picked up the car on Wednesday 1/28/2013. Already I am getting a Vehicle Fault Indicator that is lighting up intermittently. Looks likes it might be a bad 2.2kW converter but we will see when the car gets fixed. It looks like just a minor issue since there are no other symptoms. And it is pretty rare.

Aside from that, I am really loving the car. The latest firmware makes the braking feel so much nicer than when I first test drove the car. Acceleration is amazing, but the psychological effect of keeping the range high is pretty addicting.

I am still finding it a bit of a challenge to find a charging station near my office. But that is not a Coda issue.

· · 5 years ago

I'm not a Coda owner, yet. I am thankful for comments from real Coda owners. I drive a small Chinese "urban" EV and love it. I have talked to a Coda sales representative and engineer and am convinced that Coda will be my next electric vehicle. Those that have switched to electric propulsion will proably never go back to fossil fuel vehicles. My thanks to both "dlinkeg" and "DelS" for your encouraging words.

· · 5 years ago

To M. Hall,

I sincerely hope that you are able to purchase a CODA soon. There are over 130 of them in Benicia awaiting final assembly. That will not occur, however, until CODA Automotive is able to find additional investors. While CODA has a very strong leadership and technical staff, they are in need of additional funding to continue into 2013. We love our car and know that many others will feel the same, but only if the company is able to attract more money. I have heard cautiously optimistic statements about an unnamed investor, but we will simply have to wait. It would be unfortunate if such a nice vehicle is limited to the 100 or so vehicles which have already been sold.

If you are able to get to Northern CA, the Silicon Valley CODA dealership still has one or two of the 2012 models remaining, plus they are on deep discount, dropping the cost to approximately $26K-$29K before incentives. Contact Rick Curtis at Silicon Valley CODA if you are interested. Good Luck!

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