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Other Discontinued EV models

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regman · · 7 years ago

Under the Cars page (, available vehicles and concept vehicles are listed. There is one lone discontinued model (RAV4). If this discontinued model is going to be represented, all of the other discontinued models should be listed so that the other manufactures are credited properly. They should include GM EV1, Chevy S10 EV, Honda EV Plus, Ford Ranger EV, TH!NK City, as well as the neighborhood EVs like the GEM and TH!NK Neighbor.


· · 7 years ago

The difference is that there are still a lot of RAV4EVs on the road and being traded. You are probably somewhat correct in suggesting the the Chevy S10EV and Ford Range EV could be listed but AFIK, there are very few (less than 100) of these left. There are no TH!NK City's left in the US, and the only Honda EV Plusses or EV1s that survived your industry's massacre are owned by their manufacturers (I did see an EV Plus at LAX a few months ago).
Golf carts need not apply. This is It should focus on real cars, not golfcarts being pushed out to confuse people about what EVs really are.

· · 7 years ago

The purpose of listing these has nothing to do with how many are still out there and I agree that most of these are gone. Some of these were only "demo fleet programs" but so is the MINI-E. AFIK there are less than a handful of S10s if any but maybe as much as 200 Rangers which is comparable to the RAV4 numbers (I personally know of 5 Rangers still in circulation). The main point is to provide some history of the EVs, what was developed, and to give some credit to the work that was done in the past by all of the OEMs. Just because they don't exist any more, doesn't mean they are not real. In fact a portion of the Concept vehicles listed will never become real either. As far as the neighborhood EVs, these vehicles did serve a purpose for some. They are not just "golf carts" to those that bought them. They are cars albeit limited operation cars and I think they deserve a listing on this page.

· · 7 years ago

I don't mind keeping a historical record of EVs. I think that could be very valuable.
As far as golf cards go: I definitely think they should be in a different page though or they will completely obfuscate the issue, just as they have been intentionally used to do so in the past.
I haven't actually seen any real statistics but I doubt that the have really offset any significant amount of gasoline. I highly doubt that they have driven nearly the 10 million miles that even low-production Tesla Roadsters have.

· · 7 years ago

I've been meaning to recommend to Brad a possible redesign of the "Meet the Fleet" page here.
I think a cleaner and easier to understand approach might have the cars in categories.

Currently Available
Future Models(only the confirmed production cars)
Concepts/Possible production
Limited available lease only

The way it is now, someone new to electric cars might be a bit confused looking through all the cars as they are listed together.

· · 7 years ago

It is easily possible the neighborhood EV have put on that kind of miles. The GEM has sold more than 45,000 vehicles. 10,000,000 miles is only 222 miles for each vehicle sold. In addition, the type of miles that these cars are displacing are short trip miles which contribute the most to emissions on a gas car (the short trip, start up time is the hardest on emissions).

· · 7 years ago

>>The way it is now, someone new to electric cars might be a bit confused looking through all the cars as they are listed together.<<

Agree and your category concept looks good to me.
Also, maybe a quick view comparison chart of all the key attributes of the models, similar to the chart on

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