Bradley Berman is a leading writer and researcher about electric cars and green transportation. He regularly contributes driving reviews and technology articles to The New York Times, KQED Public Media,, and other publications. Bradley is a contributor to Home Power magazine, where he serves as transportation editor. He also works as a research analyst of industries related to advanced technology vehicles for Pike Research, a clean technology market research firm. He serves as a consultant to eBay for its Green Driving Center, part of eBay Motors. Bradley is frequently quoted in major media outlets, such as USA Today, National Public Radio, CBS News, Christian Science Monitor, CNBC and MarketWatch. He was the founder of and, two influential consumer information websites about green car purchase decisions.

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Brian Beck has worked for over 20 years in various engineering and business development roles. He started his career at North Telecom where he helped build some of the first North American fiber optic networks, and later in his career moved on to work on renewable energy solutions with a specialty in clean vehicle technologies. Most recently Brian joined the Sustainability Group at the City of Vancouver to lead greenhouse reduction and climate change adaptation initiatives within the City operations and in the community. One of Brian’s lead projects at the City is enabling the early adoption of light duty electric vehicles to replace combustion engines.

I’m a bicycle-riding, EV-driving, LED-lighting fool.
While the majority of my transportation miles are achieved by bicycle, I have been driving a production EV as my family's main automobile since the exciting days of the EV1. Our 2002 Toyota Rav4EV is still the family's daily driver, and for a short time I owned a 2000 Ford Ranger EV. I have driven most production EVs that have existed in the US, and many that are (or were) still in prototype. All told, I have driven over 150,000 miles on battery power. The electricity for my home and cars comes from a roof-mounted 2.5 kW photovoltaic system that was installed in 2003. I am a member of the Electric Vehicle Automobile Association, of Plug In America, and of our local, town-specific EV group. I consult with our UC transportation staff as well as our city staff on all EV matters. I am a vocal and passionate proponent of saving energy, of clean energy, and of clean transportation. I created and maintain the web site - a repository for production EV information and home to the most comprehensive Rav4EV FAQ and modification list. And most importantly - I am a lot more interesting and exciting in person than my bio suggests.

Nick is a tireless and passionate next generation car enthusiast. Since 2007 he has written hundreds of posts for outlets such as The New York Times, Motor Trend, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics,, The Daily Green,, and Gas 2.0.

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Nick has also been syndicated in dozens of other outlets including the Matter Network, AP, and Reuters. He is recognized widely as a leading thinker and influencer in the world of electric cars and has been an invited guest of many auto manufacturers at major events, an invited speaker at alt-car conferences, and a consultant to help governmental entities figure out how to develop plug-in infrastructure.

Highlights of his career include being invited to be one of the first five Americans in the world to test drive a pre-production Nissan LEAF in Japan as well as being the first individual on the planet to be given the chance to do a full range test of the LEAF. He is also a driving force in the state of Washington to convince politicians to bring electric vehicle infrastructure to rural areas of the state.

Nick currently resides in Central Washington where electricity is 3 cents per kWh and electric cars can be driven for a half a penny per mile on clean hydro power.

received our Nissan LEAF on Jan 19, 2011