Nissan LEAF Battery Warranty is Same as Chevy Volt: 8 Years/100,000 Miles

· · 7 years ago

Any thought that GM and Nissan don't take their developing electric car rivalry seriously should now be a thing of the past. At Plugin 2010, GM and Nissan are showing that what one does related to their upcoming plug-ins, the other seems to be aggressively mirroring. After the announcement this morning that the Volt will be available for the same lease price as the LEAF, Nissan came out with the announcement that the LEAF will have the same battery warranty as the Volt at 8 years or 100,000 miles.

Saying that recent surveys Nissan conducted made it very clear that potential LEAF owners would be extremely disappointed if the Nissan LEAF battery warranty was any less than 8 years or 100,000 miles, Carlos Tavares, Executive Vice President of Nissan's North American Operations, was clear that consumer satisfaction is the most important piece of the puzzle for Nissan.

All along there has been much written about the differences between the Chevy Volt's liquid cooled battery and the LEAF's air cooled battery, with most saying that the air cooled batteries will degrade faster than the liquid cooled. The conventional wisdom was that Nissan would come out with a shorter battery warranty than the Volt. Well, now there seems to be no reason to worry if your LEAF's battery will conk out before the Volt's.

There are clearly more questions to be asked, such as "What conditions would qualify the LEAF battery for a repair or replacement under warranty?", but the information I've provided is all that was available at the time of publishing. We'll bring you more details as they become available over the course of the day.

Update: During a Q&A session Mr. Tavares told me that Nissan is not yet ready to release details on what might qualify a LEAF for either battery reconditioning or replacement—for instance, what percentage loss in capacity over what timeframe—but that they would be making an announcement closer to launch.


· · 7 years ago

Great to see that the results of the Leaf survey were taken seriously.

· unclenoa (not verified) · 7 years ago

While I can applaud an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty I am still disappointed in how it appears to be derived. I am one who has made a reservation and therefore received the survey and there was a great many questions as to what I perceived as an acceptable warranty. Somehow it seems to me that Nissan should warranty their batteries according to how their engineers believe they should last, not how the consumer thinks they should last. Warranties should reflect the engineering confidence in a product, not simply be a marketing ploy. With that said I'm still looking forward to an eventual purchase as I believe the Nissan Leaf will fulfill at least 80% of my driving habits, allowing my present auto to last me another 10 or 15 years.

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