Nissan to Conduct Second Voluntary Service Campaign for LEAF

By · February 14, 2012

Nissan LEAF display

Nissan will conduct its second voluntary service campaign on its electric LEAF.

As a LEAF owner, I received an email yesterday from Nissan North America, notifying me that the company will conduct its second voluntary service campaign on my electric hatchback. The campaign, according to Nissan North America technology and motorsports communications manager, Steve Yaeger, is not mandatory, but is recommended. "It’s something we strongly encourage everyone to do—the upgrades are quite useful and improve the ownership experience," said Yaeger.

The second service campaign is a software update intended to improve the accuracy of the LEAF range indicator and enhances the vehicle's CARWINGS system. In additional, the software update adds an audible alert if the driver's door is ajar while not in Park and increases the accuracy of the Nissan LEAF's estimated time-to-full charging status system.

During the LEAF's first voluntary service campaign, Nissan deployed a software fix to address isolated complaints of a non-start condition that affected a few LEAFs.

The email notice made an interesting to offer: "Typically performed at your Nissan EV Dealer, the update can also be completed by an EV-certified technician at your home or place of business, provided there is a suitable and safe work area. Please discuss with your Nissan EV Dealer regarding timing and location." I'm going to schedule my appointment to get the update completed, and report back how it changes things. I'd encourage other LEAF owners to do the same, so we can compare notes.


· · 6 years ago

Brad, The other service on the notice, at least for 2012 model owners, involves installing a "lower apron bracket" to keep snow out of the motor compartment. The wording of my notice:

Nissan continually improves product performance through ongoing enhancements. Based on the production date of your LEAF vehicle, Nissan would like to offer a complimentary update of the vehicle software, and also install a lower-apron bracket.

Nissan has added an additional driver-convenience alert designed to notify the driver if their door is opened while the vehicle is still in the "ON" or "READY" mode, and the shift selector is not in "P." The software update also includes various enhancements to, among other things, information displays, HVAC operation, and diagnostic systems.

The lower-apron bracket is a feature added for vehicles used in cold weather areas to prevent the possibility of snow and ice entering and accumulating in the motor compartment.

The thing I wonder about is the "HVAC operation" in the software update. The inability to turn off the heater while using the CC system is one of the few problems with the car. I've seen no reports that the problem will be fixed but it ought to be easy for Nissan to do.

Since I can't get to a dealer in winter, I won't be able to have the service done until summer.

· · 6 years ago

Kudos to Nissan for performing software upgrades. It really tells you something that the company is looking to improve the owners' experience by taking advantage of something as versatile as software. I have been driving an Insight for 2 1/2 years, and have been wishing that Honda would release a software upgrade for various small issues for just as long.

· · 6 years ago

Interestingly, the notice I received mentioned nothing about a lower-apron bracket, and I do live in an area of California that gets snow. I will ask about this, and have the recall done, when I take the LEAF in for its one-year battery check in April.

One time, a member of our family left the vehicle turned on, in 'Drive', with the parking brake set, and exited the car. I discovered this later in the day. Warning the driver in this situation is a very good idea.

· Tom K (not verified) · 6 years ago

Thumbs up for more battery state accuracy....however, I don't much care for the car talking back at me (door adjar?). As it is now, I've turned off or lowered the volume to minimum on all the voice alerts, beeps and chimes... Good grief Charlie Brown... ;-/

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

I was actually at my dealer yesterday getting a new key (lost one, and WOW was it expensive). They told me about the update and said they needed to order a new owner's manual as part of the update.

Later that day I also received the update program email. Hopefully the update addresses some of the issues raised in the comments section of this blog.

· · 6 years ago

Brad, that picture of the Leaf's screen is fascinating -

1. The power usage shows 4 energy dots used, but -
2. Vehicle speed is 0 and transmission is in Park!
3. Battery temp shows a rather warm temp of 7 bars. I've never seen anything but 6.
4. Est. driving range shows as 137km,
but what does the "Driving distance: 85km" in the middle reference?
5. Also re that middle info, it shows "Elapsed time: 2:38". I've never seen this, is it new,
and what is its purpose?

P.S. I live in San Diego County and have a 2011 model.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

@Bruce N. - hit the info button on the lower left of the dash. The time and distance shown is one of the trip computers. It will also tell you useless things like average speed of that time/distance. It counts up until you reset it. It has no correlation to the range meter, unless you reset the trip distance/time when you unplug at 100% charge.

As far as the battery temp, mine is usually 3-4 bars in the winter here. I'm sure someone in Chitown has seen fewer temp bars.

0 kph indicates the car is not moving, which I would think is the default state when the vehicle is in Park.

· · 6 years ago

@Anonymous, thanks for explaining the trip distance/time - had not been aware of that. It does indeed seem pointless as far as any meaningful use.

Re the other points I'd mentioned, there seems to be a discrepancy given that the transmission was in Park and speed was 0, yet it shows 4 energy dots used. And the high battery temp seem to be in conflict with the amount of battery used (4-bars). The pic must have been cadged together from several sources.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

artist rendition of the Nissan Leaf dash board "mash" showing off all it capabilities ;-)

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