Mitsubishi Releases Details on 2014 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid

By · December 27, 2012

Outlander PHEV front

Yesterday, Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will officially launch its Outlander plug-in hybrid starting in Japan on January 24, 2013. The Outlander PHEV will make its way to the U.S. sometime in 2014, with the same specs as the Japanese model.

Mitsubishi says the Outlander PHEV will be its "most important vehicle sold in decades." Indeed, the company has an opportunity to fill a gap in the market: the four-wheel-drive crossover SUV plug-in hybrid. Toyota is now offering its RAV4 EV, and Tesla will sell the Model X sometime in 2014. But those two vehicles are pure electric cars, not ideally suited to the full spectrum of short- and long-distance driving. (Tesla's nation-wide supercharger network should be fully installed by 2014, and will make the Model X relatively practical for road trips—but at a price well above the expected cost of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.)

Outlander PHEV schematic

Powered by Mitsubishi's Plug-in Hybrid EV System, the Outlander PHEV combines two 60-kW independent electric motors, a 12-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and the automaker's 2.0-liter four-cylinder MIVEC gasoline engine, which is rated at 117 horsepower and 137 pound-feet of torque. Mitsubishi claims that the Outlander PHEV will feature an electric-only range of around 37 miles, combined fuel efficiency of 175 mpg, and hybrid fuel efficiency of about 44 mpg. These specs are based on Japan's lenient JC08 test cycle.

Outlander PHEV schematic 2

In Japan, the Outlander PHEV will have a base MSRP of ¥3,324,000 to ¥4,297,000 ($38,972 to $50,380 U.S. at today's exchange rate), including consumption tax. The Outlander PHEV will immediately qualify for Japan’s "eco-car" incentives and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s "subsidies for measures designed to promote introduction of clean energy vehicles." Those incentives will reduce the effective price of the Outlander PHEV by about $5,000, which means the plug-in crossover's effective starting price is approximately $34,000.

According to Mitsubishi, quick-charging will be a factory option, as will a system that allows the Outlander PHEV to supply power to external sources at 100 volts AC and up to 1,500 watts.


· Anonymous (not verified) · 5 years ago

Bring it here--now! I have a 1998 Chevy Astro Van with 245,000 miles on it. I will be needing a replacement soon. The Mitsu would fit my needs perfectly.

It always amazes me that the SUV EREV vehicles were not introduced at the same time as the passenger cars. I mean, look around you during your commute. How many SUV's do you see? Tons, right?

I thinka manufacturers have totally missed the mark with regards to North America. SUV's are a staple of the American landscape, which is not a good hong for the most part. Given that, would it not be a good idea to get those drivers into a more efficient vehicle? SUV drivers don't want to drive cars, if they did they would be driving wagons--but they don't. Give the market what they want, instead of expecting drivers to change, which we all know is massively difficult. Replace that fear of loss held by the SUV drivers, with "Hey, here's a cool, new SUV--it will also save you lots of money on gas".

My 2 cents.

· · 5 years ago

Anyone know what the towing capacity is?

· · 5 years ago

This would be an interesting product to me if we could simplify it. Instead of 2 motors and 4 wheel drive, I would be interested in a 2 wheel drive 1 motor solution. 85 horsepower (60 kw) would be all that I'd need. They can also make the gas engine much smaller (I keep saying I'd be happy with a volt with a 1 cyl engine in lieu of the dinky 4 cyl i've got, as long as doubled the size of the battery). Back to the Mitsu, If they knocked $15,000 off the price by getting rid of all the extra 4 wheel drive junk I don't want, then they've got a sale.

· Neutron (not verified) · 5 years ago

about a 2 wheel option-

4 wheel drive is very desirable to many of us. There are a lot of 2 wheel options on the market now for inspection. I hope we will at least a couple of other 4 wheel options available soon. Prius is rumored to have a 4 wheel version available in a couple of years. The market for electric plugins is looking better everyday especially with the continued improvements in batteries and other power storage options.

· · 5 years ago

@ Patrick
The towing capacity is 1.6 tonnes / 3527lbs.

You can see full specs at

· Modern Marvel Fan (not verified) · 5 years ago

Keep the price low and I might replace my gas guzzler SUV with this one. I think I will just have to figure out how to charge my Volt and this SUV in my garage at the same time...

· · 5 years ago

This is a very interesting 2nd car for me (1st is Leaf).

@Bill - On the contrary, 4wd is a must for me in a PHEV, but not in an EV (until they get to 300+ miles range). This is a road trip car, not my every day commuter. In California, winter trips to Tahoe require chains during storms unless you have 4wd. In short, for a road trip car, I want an EV (or PHEV) that can get me from San Jose to Tahoe non-stop in the winter while going moderately above the speed limit as conditions permit. This car meets those requirements.

I do think their range and efficiency estimates are quite optimistic though.

As an alternative, I've been thinking if it's feasible to convert my current 2nd car to PHEV: Mercury Mariner Hybrid 4wd. It's practically a Ford Escape.

· · 5 years ago

@Jose .G

Oh yes Jose I was just saying what is right for me. Some people such as yourself, stongly want 4wd.. That's why I wish there was a delete option for 2wd.

Im repeating myself, but years ago you could outfit a car basically however you wanted it, from very small to very large engines, transmissions, trim levels , technology, etc.

The TREND seems to be these days take it or leave it. This is counterintuitive what with flexible assembly lines (they make different cars on the same lines for heaven's sake).

I find it impossible to believe it is not much easier to offer options today than decades ago when there were hundreds per car.

I stated I don't need the $500 UMC included in the Model S. Its a hand held accessory not actually part of the car at all. I said "Sell that one to somebody who loses or damages theirs and take $500 off my list". They could have easily accomodated me, but corporate policy is to include it whether the customer wants it or not. Well, its an attitude like this that is having me decline the Model S. (It wasn't just this, btw).

Via Trucks is offering many different GM 'conversions'. (in quotes because the truck is shipped to them as a glider). But there are very few configurations available, again take it or leave it. The fact that none of their numbers add up on their web site is particularly troubling. Lutz must be the "Idea Man", and possibly never very good at math.. During the video he can't remember the size of the only battery Via offers. I like Bob, but if I'm going to spend $80k on one of his trucks, he's going to have to be more accomodating to me as to how I want it outfitted. (small genset, small drive motor, large battery).

Now, Jose, you may want the exact opposite of what I do.. Bully for you. That's why we need OPTIONS.

· · 5 years ago

@Modern Marvel Fan:

Your electrical problems are solved!!

Vehicle #1 Chevy Volt: 120 @ 8 amps.
Vehicle #2 GM Voltec SUV: 120 @ 8 amps.

Plug them into a duplex 20 amp outlet already in your garage and you will simultaneously be charging two EV's at once.. I charge 2 ev's at once all the time at my house.

· · 5 years ago

Agree with you on having options.
To some extent though, I do see how having too many options can increase costs. It's much easier to build a one size fits all, automate everything, don't have to think about it solution. Also, in supermarkets for example, having too many options has been shown to put off some buyers. Granted theres also a market for the knowledgable customize everything buyer.
For EVs in particular, I'd like to see more options for battery sizes, like Tesla is doing.
4wd vs. 2wd is also a good option to have, and most 4wd cars have a 2wd option.
I never understood why people buy 2wd SUVs but they do.
Personally, I'd prefer a 4wd sedan to a SUV.

· · 5 years ago


I guess you'd just have to see how many options there were for American Cars in the '60's and '70's. If they can make 2 entirely different cars with 2 entirely different parts lists on the same assy line, I can't see how changing a few things could decrease profitability in the slightest.

· · 5 years ago

The Japanese automaker says that the Outlander PHEV is the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV offering "the environmental performance of an electric vehicle (EV), the cruising range of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, and the on- and off-road performance of an SUV". bottle manufacturers

· SCR (not verified) · 5 years ago

I have a Nissan LEAF and a Honda CRV.
I love the idea of this SUV to get me from SD to LA without using the Honda. And I saw this car (from the outside only) at the LA Auto Show 3wks ago, very nice.
BUT I wouldn't pay $40k if they take out the 3rd row, which I'm pretty sure they did (probably for battery space). The US Mitsu website doesn't give any info on the PHEV, but the Japanese one describes the PHEV Outlander as a 5-passenger vehicle and the pictures only show 5 seats.
Very disappointing for me personally but still a great step in the right direction.

· Modern Marvel Fan (not verified) · 5 years ago

"Vehicle #1 Chevy Volt: 120 @ 8 amps.
Vehicle #2 GM Voltec SUV: 120 @ 8 amps."

That is a "slow" solution. :)

I only have 1 level 2 charger at home. I need two of them now...

· James (not verified) · 5 years ago

Will it have the 3rd row option to seat 7? The Mitsubishi website says that the 2014 Outlander will have that option. If not we may wait for the Toyota / Ford partnership. They are working on a plug in SUV for the 2015 models.

· · 5 years ago

James, sorry no 3rd row seat. If you need more than 5 seats you're out of luck.

Toyota/Ford? That's interesting - I guess partnering is Toyota's new plug-in strategy...

· James (not verified) · 5 years ago


Thanks or the update. Here is the artical from Ford Social it was from Aug-2011. They are refering to rear wheel drive light trucks and SUV's. Not sure where they are today.

· jason p (not verified) · 5 years ago

I have been driving my Montero until the wheels are barely hanging on. If they can get this to the US sooner, they will have perfect timing. I'm like many others who want to replace their worn out SUVs with something more economical. The Toy HH is too darn expensive by about $10k (leather seats for kids?) and NOT a plug in. I have my checkbook ready to go.
Now all they need to do is get a mini van with the same drive train.

· · 5 years ago

@Modern Marvel Fan

Hummm, Assuming you have #8 gauge (or #6 Aluminum) feeding your EVSE, and assuming your current product draws 15 amps or less, just add another EVSE in parallel with your current one.

I'm not aware of any phev's that need more than 15 amps. What kind of EV do u have now?

· · 5 years ago

Mitsubishi seems to be making the same mistake with this PHEV as they did with iMiEV. They are releasing this in Japan but will take a year to bring it to the US. iMiEV was released before Leaf in Japan and sold reasonably well. If they had quickly released it in the US, they would have got a decent foothold.

Why does it take them one more year to release in the US, if they are releasing it in Japan now ? Nissan released Leaf in Japan & US at the same time. Toyota released PIP very close to each other.

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