Live GM Webchat Wednesday, 4 P.M. Eastern; "Major" Consumer Initiative to be Announced

· · 8 years ago

GM says they're announcing a "major consumer initiative" at their Brownstown, Mich., battery manufacturing plant tomorrow, July 14, and will provide more information on the validation and testing of the Chevy Volt’s battery—which recently underwent a dunking at the Milford proving grounds splash pool in the name of battery safety. GM is also expected to detail when they'll start regular battery production.

The Detroit News is reporting that the major announcement will center around the Volt's warranty program—especially as related to the battery pack—with the goal of easing fears related to battery pack longevity.

After the announcement, will host a webchat at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific with GM's global electric vehicle executive Doug Parks and Volt marketing director Tony DiSalle to answer your questions. So come on back here tomorrow and take part in the webchat using the box below.


· · 8 years ago

I participated in the webchat (and they even answered on of my questions) and later read all about the battery warranty, but I missed the "major consumer initiative" unless that was it. Does anyone know what it was? I had previously read that they were going to announce the Volt battery warranty, a manufacturing update AND a major consumer initiative. Was I mistaken?

· · 8 years ago


I think the major consumer initiative was the unveiling of the comprehensive vehicle warranty, including the 8 year battery warranty.

Unfortunately, no other easter eggs in this story :)

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