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jeffandthedrums · · 1 year ago

PROUD BUYER! Im stoked about my Cmax energi. I have only driven it for one day. The ev miles are hard not to wast but i will update as i get more acquainted with this beautiful machine. YOUR THOUGHTS? PEACE


· · 1 year ago

I look forward to hearing your experiences with the Cmax energi. Let us know how it works out.

· · 1 year ago

I'm also curious to hear some details on the Cmax Energi. Things like, how annoying is the hump in the back? Is 21 EV miles realistic? When the ICE kicks in, is it done as smoothly as I hear the Volt does it?

We had considered the Cmax Energi to replace a 2001 Ford Focus Wagon, but determined the cargo space would be significantly smaller. So, we kept our Focus and bought the iMiev for most of our family driving (that my wife does). Maybe in the future we'll trade up, so I'm curious to hear how the Cmax Energi works out for people.

· · 1 year ago

I'm equally interested. Please report back here once you have data on the electric range and MPG.

· · 1 year ago

Biggest feedback that anyone can request is real-world MPG. Not the MPGe...What are you getting? AS some PiP owers have reported upper 70's (guess they are truely light footed or the car is really efficient) I am favoring the C-Max's looks over the Prius. But no real reporting has been done yet. Only a few in my region so I cant see the Energi up close and take it out for a weekend, but plenty of regular C-Max's on the road. Congrats on the Energi! Look forward to hearing some good info and feeback from "real-world" testing and use.

· · 1 year ago

Proud owner too! Had my Energi since last day of 2012 (dealer held it for me while my family & I hauled butt from Seattle to Los Angeles in 21 hours;hate flying). I had traded in a 2012 Prius C/4 to upgrade (yeah yeah, I lost $$, but don't care), so I have driving experience in these two cars to share.

The Energi's ride is higher and soooo much smoother than the Prius. I don't hear or feel the outside as I drive. A HUGE pisser was learning after the deal was done that the panoramic sunroof does NOT open. Only one piece of literature mentions a fixed sunroof and I didn't catch it. My bad, I guess, but still irritating. Though the huge sunroof is beautiful... The trunk space is cut in 1/2 horizontally by the plug-in battery, but there's decent space above and a little in front of it.

The first couple plug-ins overnight brought the battery charge to 17 EV miles, then 18, then 21 miles available after 150 miles of driving. That's a big phew! I was bothered not seeing 21 EV miles from the jump. Note: the manual says not to focus on energy consumption for the 1st 1000 miles. Yeah, right! :) So, with seat warmer at 1 and only the radio going, the battery level dropped to 19 EV miles the second the car was in gear. I have to keep it in Auto EV mode vs. Auto Now when I first start up (probably a climate deal.. .it's kinda cold for Los Angeles in the AM, I guess). But, even in Auto EV, the car stayed in EV driving through the charged battery miles (I set the Engage display to see both the Engine and Battery consumption). I drive surface streets to work (12 miles away) and freeway home. As long as the charged battery has miles stored, I can drive freeway speeds to 80mph! Without the stored EV miles, I have to coast a lot on the freeway to stay in EV driving mode; I get up to speed and coast through traffic easy enough. FYI, the pickup/horsepower is way better than Prius! With the initial odometer at 14miles, I've driven it nearly 200 miles since purchase and only used 1/8 of a tank of gas (using gas gauge; I have to find a manually accessible report on actual gallons - the auto report at shutoff doesn't stay on long).

My main concern is that one of the displays on the left didn't/doesn't show 600 total capable miles using gas engine, as all recent advertising says it can do (620 with 20 charged EV miles added). My gauge shows 350-80 miles available with the gas I have left (and that's nearly full tank). Every time I shut off, I see average mpg at 54-56 per trip, so I'm confused on why that total miles isn't on par with the per trip miles. Wondering if it's taking into account the near 200 miles driven so far with what's left, but that can't be since most of those miles were pure EV miles from my daily charging.

Looking forward to learning some fuel/battery saving tips from you all!
Happy Energi driving!

· · 1 year ago

I'm also a proud owner of a C-Max Energi. We have had ours a little under a month and we absolutely love it! We initially got 18 miles on a charge, but that has quickly increased to 26 miles (I guess I really have a light foot). We wanted to buy an EV, but need to drive 300 miles round trip a few times a month (aging family commitments). We've made two of those trips so far and went 650 miles on our first tank of gas. I'm able to do my daily drive and errands in under 26 miles so we only use gasoline for highway driving. So far we are averaging about 57 mpg. That has been increasing each day, so we may be in the 70s soon. An added bonus for us with the Energi is that since we have solar panels on our home and produce more power than we use most months, our EV driving is totally free. The only drawback we have with the Enegi is that the cargo space is reduced more than we expected (we knew the batteries would take space, but didn't count on losing space to ventilation on the sides). This has not been a problem, but does require some creative thinking when transporting 4 people, groceries for 2 and a wheel chair. We may be taking a longer trip in May to help our youngest move and I'll try to post some updates on mileage and such as time goes on.

· · 1 year ago

Loving my Cmax Energi!!! I was getting 20 miles per charge in the winter, but now getting 27+ with the warmer weather. As the avatar shows I get good gas milage. The MPGe is at about 74. I don't know where Consumers Reports gets it's reviewers, but they should be fired!!!!
Get one you'll love it!!!

· · 1 year ago


You are confused between MPGe, MPG and "MPG" (not counting electricity usage).

CR review was on C-Max, not the energi model. The energi model in gas mode (once the battery runs out) is only 43mpg where regular C-Max is rated for 47mpg.

Many Volt owners have been reporting 300+ "MPG" on their Volt b/c they don't include electricity cost.

I am curious to find out what real world MPG you are getting in your "gas mode" or "extended range" by excluding those "initial plugin" miles.

· · 1 year ago

No, Im not confused. Mpge uses 33.7kw as the equivalent of a gallon. My current MPG is 140.

You cant really check mpg in gas only as there is no such thing.

· · 1 year ago

"Modern Marvel Fan" I think the trips we make to visit family might come the closest to giving you the "MPG" you are looking for. The C-Max Energi never runs in total gasoline mode as it works like most other hybrids being marketed today - you are generating energy while coasting and using the brakes. The closest you can come is to continue driving once the battery is depleted. On our 300 mile round trip drives to visit family, we deplete the battery pretty quickly but generate additional power (this power will be stored if driving in EV Later mode) to be used once we reach our destination. The majority of our driving around town there is emission free battery power (without plugging in to recharge). Our lowest mileage thus far has been about 57 MPGe. Excluding the initial plug in miles would not make much difference as that would only account for 26-28 miles of a 300 mile trip and I'm not sure it would matter since I can't think of any instance where you would start a trip with a totally depleted battery. Subtracting 28 miles from 300, I calculated the "MPG" in our case would have been 51.68. Is that more what you were looking for?

· · 51 weeks ago

Just became the proud owner of a C-Max Energi. Besides the mpg possibilities, I was very impressed with the git and finish of the vehicle.

· · 50 weeks ago

Just got my Ford C-Max Energi. Charged it at 240v (charger set to 30 amps but I think it will only take 20amps) to full and it only has 17 miles showing. It is probably only the second or third time it has probably been charged so I'm not too worried about that based on the reviews above. I don't have any clue why consumer reports doesn't like the car. Must be pay back or something. I love it so far and would recommend it (only had it 1 day so it is the new car smell effecting my critical reviewer status). I'll come back and post more once I have a better idea of the owner benefits! Talk soon!

· · 50 weeks ago

My family loves our plug-in C-MAX Energi love the fact that we are driving a car made by union workers here in America. The interior of this car is huge and i am 6'4. Getting up to 130 mpg+e lowest mpg so far driving 75-80 mph at 38 mpg long trip no charge at start. Driving performance is fast and sporty, hard to find in today's available plug in hybrid models. With all the ford incentive discounts dealer discounts and tax credits state and federal actual cost was in low 20's could not be more satisfied.

· · 50 weeks ago

Just leased one. Running in EV now charging on 110, drive it twice a day, haven't run out of power, I love seeing 999 mpg for a while! We're starting to see charging stations in Ann Arbor and I hooked up to the 240 a couple times, much faster charging of course.

Pickup is great, power is real good. Sync works much better than i thought given many of the reviews, it was just updated. Wife complained about the trunk then drove it to three stores and said it has more room than she thought as everything fit in the trunk. Leather interior is nice. Auto-wipers, auto-lights, voice recognition, remote start, website locking and trip tracking, are all things I haven't had before and like a lot.

· · 50 weeks ago

My wife and I each have a C-Max Energi, and we're both extremely happy with the cars so far. I drive very little (usually less than 20 miles per day), so I'm running 99.9% electric. My MPG gauge is pegged at 999.9, and with just over 1,500 miles on my odometer, I still have a full dealer-filled tank. My wife has to occasionally take 500 mile trips in her car, so she burns gas often ... but still shows 140 MPG overall.

Neither of us have had any errors or problems with our cars, to date. I've always been a follower of Consumer Reports over the years, but when it comes to the Energi, they blew it big time. Fantastic car.

· · 49 weeks ago

I just bought my first new car and it is a C-Max Energi. I was most impressed by the driving experience. I have driven a Leaf and a Prius, and was left with the distinct impression I was driving an electric. Noisy, slow and poor handling. Tne C-Max Energi is a car first, a sporty car second, an efficient car third and an electric car fourth. Meaning that it drives just like most cars, is faster than some and more efficient than most. Sure a plug Prius may get you there and save you some money in the process, but your will disappear in the crowd. In Eugene Oregon, a college town, there are herds of Prius's (or would that be Priuses, or perhaps Pri'i) so you have to hit your key fob to sort out which one to drive. I have seen very few vehicles such as mine on the road. When my best friend saw what I bought he knew nothing about them, but was educated on hybrids in general. He called back after doing his own research (he is somewhat ocd) and reported his research put the C-Max Energi head and shoulders above other similar cars on performance and the driving experience. I have now been driving it back and forth to work for a week and am still on full on the gas gauge. My commute is about 12 miles, but there is a free charging station at a local County building across from my office so I get a free charge after the morning commute. It only takes about an hour to bring the battery back to full charge for the commute home. For now I only have the 120 charger, but have ordered the 240 one from ClipperCreek (only $495 on sale now) and will have that set up this weekend. After 150 miles a full charge only reads 16 miles (but I see others have reported that going up with time), but my mpg is hovering around 75. Once my battery gets to 21 I may be able to make my entire commute on one charge. So far so good and the only complaint I have is the sticker price, but the economy and technology seems to be worth every penny to me.
p near a yna n mst cp

· · 49 weeks ago

i love the interior. plenty of room for a 6'0'' person. but never get more than 16 miles on an overnight charge on a 110 volt. confused by it. i do have pandora bluetooth on and live in LA and have temp set at 74. but the very first time i turn on the car, it only registers at 16 miles max. any suggestions? just bought the car.

· · 48 weeks ago

@Westside - Your electric range is based on how you've driven the car in the past, and it's especially affected by use of your climate control system. Weather permitting, turn the climate control off. If you only need mild heating, try using your heated seats first, since that uses far less energy.

Doing that, plus a light foot on the accelerator, coasting as much as possible, and timing your stops with light pressure on the brakes will all increase your EV estimate in the future. It even makes driving kind of a game, trying to beat your previous EV range.

I agree on the interior space. I'm a tall guy too, and the extra space and higher seating position helps the aging knees! :)

· · 48 weeks ago

I have owned the car for 3 weeks and 970 miles. I am very pleased with everything about the car so far. I am using it to replace a Ford 150 for trips that are a round trip distance of 160 miles three times a week. I am averaging 49.5 per Gallon. My use is not average, as the car would be much better in city traffic. However, my F150 would only get 17 to 19 miles on this same commute. It was simple math, that the savings on gas and depreciation on the truck would cover most of the lease payment. But, I am keeping the truck. I read so many complaints about the mileage, but a little further reading always indicated that those discussions were about the Hybrid and not the plug-in. The entertainment system got poor reviews. I think it is the same as most other systems. A lot of bells and stuff. Half the people love their gizmos and the other half don't or cannot understand them. I get a full charge at 23, and the other day as I left the house and went down a half mile hill it actually went to 25. That's with standard supplied 120 wall plug in cord. I find the interior is well done with a lot of room, visibility is very good, the ride is solid and controlled. A normal hill climb is very good at this point. However, it may have been using the EV and motor. Time will tell on that issue. Did I pay too much ! I don't think so. Not with a great rebate plus a chance for another 1500.00 from CA and that important sticker in CA to use the diamond lane and filling up a tank for 40.00 instead of 115.00. Time will tell on all this, but I think this was a good value purchase. I think Ford has done a really good job. Ok, so the trunk space is almost nothing. So fold down the seats and leave the kids home !!

· · 45 weeks ago

Have had my C max Energi for a week. I enjoy the ride, the roominess and the sound system. The temperature has dipped into the 20s and a full charge registers at 12 miles. Is this normal?

· · 45 weeks ago

I noticed my dropped the last 4 weeks from 23 to 18 as the weather cooled in Southern California. That's with a minimum temperature in the 50's in the garage. Highest charge was when the temperature was in the 90's.

· · 44 weeks ago

Congratulations on your new NRG.

Your electric range estimate is dependent on several factors. The first being based on how you've recently driven the car. Jack rabbit starts, hard braking, heavy use of climate control, and cold ambient temperatures will all reduce the estimate. Cold winter weather alone can take upwards of 30% off your usual range. The good news is that range will return once the temperature warms.

Things to try to gradually raise your range are:
1. Minimize use of climate control as much as you safely can. The heated seats use far less energy than the full climate control system.
2. Parking in an enclosed garage (if possible) is superior to parking outside in the weather.
3.If you have a 220 volt charger, you can use "Go Times" to preheat your cabin before you leave in the morning - without using your battery.
4. When driving, try to be gentle when accelerating and braking. Gentle starts use less energy, and light braking maximizes regeneration back to the battery. Same with coasting when possible.

With practice, you'll see your electric range climb. I usually get around 18 in severe cold weather, and up to 28 in the summer. I drive almost exclusively electric (except when climate control forces the ICE to run), so at 2,000 miles on my odometer, I still have an almost full, dealer filled tank. At his rate, I'll fill up maybe once per year. Good stuff!

· · 44 weeks ago

Just discovered this site. Great resource! Got a C-MAX two months ago and I love it. I wanted to share my experience with it and how I ended up getting one Would love to hear your thoughts!

· · 43 weeks ago

I've had my Energi for a few weeks now and have a better understanding of how it works. This is a very nice vehicle and I like it more than the two Prius I've had for the last 6 years, which I liked very much. Delighted to have an American car I'm happy with, especially in Metro Detroit. Mine was the first Energi sold by my Ford dealer and they really didn't understand the vehicle or how best to pitch it. I got it because the incentives were hefty. However, I now think Ford and it's dealers are not marketing this correctly. For people with driving routines/habits that work well with the Energi and who do not like to throw money at the oil companies, this car should be an easy sell.

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