How Electric Car-Friendly is Your Candidate? Plug In America Has the Answer

By · November 01, 2010

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Are you rooting for electric cars? Are they an important political issue to you? Do you know how your current Representative and Senators stand on the issue? As America gets ready to vote tomorrow, non-profit electric car advocacy organization Plug In America (PIA) has taken the time to analyze how each sitting congressperson scores on a scale of EV-friendliness.

By examining five pivotal votes in the House of Representative and four pivotal votes in the Senate, PIA has given every Senator and Representative a score on a scale of 0-100%. If these votes truly represent how EV-friendly the politicians are, then there is no clearer affirmation of how broadly plug-ins are supported by a huge spectrum of political backgrounds. Out of 435 Representatives, 211 scored a perfect 100%. In the Senate the perfect score is even more impressive with 67 members receiving that honor. On the other end of the scale only 2 Senators scored 0%, whereas 98 Representatives turned up a goose egg.

"Legislation dedicated to energy issues, especially advanced automobiles, has steadily increased as Representatives and Senators realize the crucial need for early deployment of electric vehicles and EV infrastructure," said PIA in their legislative scorecard introduction. "Whether support is given based on environmental concerns or security issues, Plug In America is proud to document the steps taken by Congress to facilitate the passage of these crucial pieces of legislation."

You can read the entire report below.

How Does Your Candidate Stand on Electric Cars?

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