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How about adding the 2013 Ford Fusion to the list of vehicles!

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Michael Jennings · · 5 years ago

Great to see the HEV and BEV choices expanding. How about including the 2013 Ford Fusions to the list.




· Anonymous (not verified) · 5 years ago


· Anonymous (not verified) · 5 years ago

Yeah, how about adding the Ford Fusion to the list?

· · 4 years ago

What is up with the lag in adding the 2013 Fusion Energi to the covered cars in the cars section? The pricing has now been reported ($ 39,495) and the all electric range (21 miles all electric drive) has been reported. Please add the Fusion to the list and initiate coverage.

· · 4 years ago

Trying to stay on topic:)

Please add the Fusion to the list and initiate coverage.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 4 years ago

You are featuring an article that states that Ford will be the leader in plug-in hybrids, how about adding the Ford Fusion Energi and hybrid to the cars list?

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