By Eric Loveday ·
March 14, 2013

DOE to Award $50 Million to Plug-In Vehicle Technology Research Projects

The DOE announced that it will award $50 million on up to 50 research projects focused on reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of individual plug-in vehicle components. The DOE will select worthy research projects that fall under five distinct categories, only one of which focuses on batteries.

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By Zach McDonald ·
December 11, 2012

Model S Owner Tops 423 Miles on a Single Charge

A University of Central Florida researcher and his 12-year old son have become the first ever to pilot a production electric vehicle over the 400-mile mark on a single charge. David Metcalf and his son Adam achieved the feat this weekend after a 423.5-mile journey through Florida lasting nearly 17 hours.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
July 20, 2012

Eco Routing: 10 Percent More Range From an EV-Friendly GPS

The University of California, Riverside, is working on a guidance system that chooses the smartest, range-extending route, not the shortest distance.

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By RecargoJames ·
July 19, 2012

Second Lap: A Single Nissan LEAF Goes Head-to-Head for Range and Economy

We discovered a slight improvement in economy when the LEAF was driven in the "Eco" mode. The faux-commute was fairly short in distance, but if the numbers were run for an entire year, the economy savings could really add up.

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By RecargoJames ·
July 12, 2012

Two Nissan LEAFs Go Head-to-Head for Range and Economy

Recently, decided to compare two Nissan LEAFs, head-to-head, in a competition for range and economy. The plan was to run one LEAF in the "Eco" Mode, while running the other in the normal "D" position, on a grueling course which started at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, driving to the top of Mt. Wilson, then returning to the bottom of Angeles Crest Highway.

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