GM Responds to Newt Gingrich's Ludicrous Chevy Volt Gun Rack Comment

By · February 23, 2012

Chevy Volt with gun rack

GM is firing back on all cylinders in response to GOP candidate Newt Gingrich's recent attack on the Chevrolet Volt.

General Motors is firing back on all cylinders, and with a fully charged battery pack, in response to GOP candidate Newt Gingrich's recent shot at the Chevrolet Volt. Yesterday, Gingrich commented, "You can't put a gun rack in a Volt."

The General's response? When's the last time you saw a gun rack in any sedan? GM spokesman Selim Bingol issued this statement on BTW—a blog created to share GM's views on news and topics of interest affecting the automaker:

Newt Gingrich has taken up saying that "You can't put a gun rack on a Volt." That's like saying "You can't put training wheels on a Harley." Actually, you can. But the real question is "Why would you?"

As Bingol points out, training wheels on a Harley-Davidson would look as weird as a gun rack in a Chevy Volt and suggests that gun racks and training wheels are better suited to "pickup trucks and little Schwinns, respectively."

In case you're still wondering whether or not a gun rack fits in a Chevy Volt, here's a video that proves Gingrich is wrong.

Is the Volt an off-roader designed for backwoods hunting? No, but as the political debates continue to heat up, you can bet that the Chevy Volt will be the target of countless attacks—that aim about as good as Dick Cheney hunting with good friends.


· TD (not verified) · 6 years ago

Love the last line of the article!

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

Trying to one-up Newt, Mitt Romney is now claiming that you can't tie a dog to the top of a Volt.

· Francois B. (not verified) · 6 years ago

I can't understand why any politician could even emit such a dumb statement. I would better see this as a comment made by Omer Simpson, duh!
Would you really elect a guy like that???? seriously ???
I can't imagine that!


· · 6 years ago

Next they will mandate that if a car has a gun rack it is exempt from the CAFE mpg regulation.

Or maybe that cars with navigation screens need to have a port to connect to and display the images from ultrasonic probes.

With that feature EVs could be even more like UFO's then I had ever previously considered.

· MichaelS (not verified) · 6 years ago

This was probably the stupidest comment Newt's made in a while, and he's had some dooseys for sure. What a knucklehead.

· Scotty FAM (not verified) · 6 years ago

... the man is absolutey spot on ... and has drawn very practical conclusions .... I mean, which car would be suited better to track and sneak up the game ... !?

· · 6 years ago

Perhaps the more germane thing to ask (we are talking about Newt, after all,) is if a Volt can accommodate a gun rack . . . AND drive on the surface of the Moon.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

newt is full of himself

· ANDY ROBINSON (not verified) · 6 years ago

I work for Barcelona daily La Vanguardia. I woudl like to write a feature on driving an electric car, preferably a ChevyVolt, from San Francisco to L.A. stopping off at some clean tech firms in Silicon Valley. I'm being told by Hertz that this is not possible due to insufficiente charging points. Hertz and Enterprise also say they have no Chevy Volts in San Francisco which contradicts several news reports that the Volt is now available for rentals. Coud you advise? Many thanks Andy Robinson

· · 6 years ago

San Fran to LA, no problem. I start in Seattle and drive non-stop to The Dalles, OR, a few times a month. 240 miles each way at 42 MPG - about 14 kWh of juice and 5 gallons of gas. I don't buy any gas at either end of the trip, just a few kWh a day. And you can put more than a gun rack in the back! I had it packed with moving boxes. I don't know where you would find a rental.

· · 6 years ago

@Andy Robinson
I don't know of any Volts available for rent and a Leaf would be a real challenge giving the slow charging rate and shortage of charging stations.
Its 111 miles from the Atascadero Rabobank public charge to the Salinas one. This would be a very tough stretch. You'd have to drive at around 55 mph or slower. You would have to plan to spend the night along the way because Leaf charging is so slow.
Look at or to find the various charging stations along CA 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
It is possible to rent a Leaf. I know that the Enterprise Car Rental in Pasadena, CA has them for rent.
If you want more info, please start a discussion about this since this is off-topic.

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