GM Debuts Electric Sail Springo in China

By · November 30, 2012

Sail Springo

The Sail Springo EV is GM's first production electric vehicle developed by a Chinese joint venture.

At Auto Guangzhou 2012, Shanghai General Motors introduced its first localized electric vehicle: the Sail Springo EV. The vehicle was developed by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center under its "Green to Drive Technology Strategy."

The Springo EV features an electric motor that produces up to 114 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. The electric Springo zips from 0 to 62 miles per hour in roughly 10 seconds and tops out at 81 mph. By pressing the Sport button, Springo drivers can realize a 20 percent boost in acceleration for a few seconds.

The Springo EV takes about seven hours to fully charge from a 220-volt connection via its 3.3-kW charger. Range is listed at 81 miles under typical driving conditions and up to 124 miles at a constant speed of 37 mph.

As for price, GM says the Springo EV will retail for a surprising $41,460, but generous incentives available in Shanghai will drop its effective price by nearly $16,000. The Springo EV will launch in limited numbers starting in Shanghai as part of GM's electric vehicle trial program.

China’s government in 2009 released an ambitious plan to build an electric vehicle industry in China that called for annual production of 500,000 units of pure electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and conventional hybrids by 2012. It quickly realized that China’s battery technology—and other components needed to produce electric vehicles— was not up to the task. It has since released a revised and slightly more realistic plan calling for production to reach that level by 2015. Beijing has also dialed back its focus on battery electric vehicles in the near term in favor of hybrids and PHEVs.

The problem is, Chinese consumers are not eager to buy expensive and, in their minds untested, technology, even with hefty government subsidies thrown in. Sales have been very slow, in the thousands. Fleets are where the real potential for electrification lies in China and Beijing seems to be pushing local governments in China to electrify their taxi and bus fleets more quickly.

But, just as in the U.S., the Chinese government is also pushing makers of passenger cars towards alternative fuel vehicles by imposing increasingly stiffer fuel economy standards. Ray Bierzynski, the former executive director of electrification strategy for GM China, told last year,“The automakers are going to have to include EVs in their product mix to meet that standard.” But, he added, “It will be a continuum of technologies, including fuel-efficient vehicles and EVs.”

Just what direction GM’s China electrification strategy will take is up in the air now, however. Bierzynski was recently appointed to an executive position at GM’s minivan and small car joint venture with Shanghai Automotive and Wuling.
As for the Springo, it is unlikely to go into volume production, but GM likes to keep the Chinese government happy with announcements of new EVs, like the one given at Auto Guangzhou 2012.


· · 5 years ago

Sprohn, Spraul, Spreorge and . . . Springo!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome . . . The Spreatles!

But seriously: $41,460 retail and then down to (神聖的狗屎!)
around $16,000 after government incentives?

Now THAT'S what I call a rebate!

· Jesse Gurr (not verified) · 5 years ago

Thats $16,000 in incentives. So down to about $25,000. Thats still some nice incentive.

· · 5 years ago

I would be delighted if the Chinese market brought EV's to scale. From what I glean here though the highly incentivized market in China is even more risk averse than we are here in the US with lesser subsidies. I think the status qualities surrounding EV's in China are not quite enough to spur demand. Man, if EV's take off there though the costs will come down! I hope it happens.

The elementary kids at my boy's school just love my Nissan Leaf. They say so when we drop him off and pick him up. I hope the exposure to what's next in transportation will help grow the next generation of EV drivers in this country.

· The American dreamer (not verified) · 5 years ago

Americans should be outraged!!! We Bailed Out GM giving GM 50 Billion to (save-American-jobs) and they spend it opening a factory in China to supply EVs, Battery Technology and Jobs for the Chinese Leaving Americans in The Stone Age!! WTF! In addition to the $50 billion taxpayer cash gift to GM, a second gift came from Obama in the form of tax credits... $45 billion in tax loss carry-overs were given to GM by the Treasury as tax laws were changed allowing GM to benefit from credits they would not have normally received. GM is not expected to pay taxes for years as a result of the Obama Administrations actions and bail out money to ensure future profitability and American Jobs... GM Has continued to work with Big Oil to Kill the Electric Car in America for years by Lobbying and buying up patents and technology only to shelf it is how they have held Americans hostage to Big Oil.. . . . . . . .. .[[[[[-GM-Got-Bailed-Out---We-Got-Sold-Out-]]]]] .. I Hope Protesters, Unions, Environmentalists and The 99% Rally-Up and Picket GM with the goal of Forcing GM to build and sell the car on American Soil .. . . Only after selling 20.000 or so EVs in America should they be allowed to export them to china and the rest of the world .. thats right America FIRST!!
if you research China you will find they have thousands of auto manufactures and they Don`t Need GM!!
I Think Obama needs to step in Now and put a stop to this!!!!. . JMO

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