Combined Global LEAF and Volts Sales Surpass 75,000

By · November 12, 2012


On the global level, sales of the Nissan LEAF continue to stay ahead of sales of the Chevy Volt / Ampera.

Sales of the Nissan LEAF are rather easy to track, but sales of the Volt, due to its numerous similar iterations, can be difficult to pinpoint. Fortunately, Nissan's chief operating officer, Toshiyuki Shiga, recently provided global LEAF sales number of 42,700 units. That number includes 16,484 in the US (as of October 31, 2012), approximately 19,000 in Japan and the remaining 7,000-plus sold mainly in Europe with a few hundred LEAFs landing in countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Now, for the first time, we're seeing a comprehensive listing of global Volt sales. This listing, compiled from information posted by numerous sources, breaks down Volt sales on a country-by-country-level.

The Chevy Volt and its army of near-identical siblings (Opel Ampera, Holden Volt and Vauxhall Ampera) only cracked the 1,000-unit cumulative sales mark in four countries (US, Netherlands, Canada and Germany). In total, sales of the Volt have reached 33,036 units worldwide as of October 31, 2012. The United States leads the way by a substantial margin with 27,306 Volts delivered; followed by the Netherlands with 2,175 Amperas and 241 Volts sold; Canada with 1,350 Volts; and Germany with 1,012 Amperas and 48 Volts registered.

It's not often that Nissan releases a global LEAF sales figure at roughly the same time as comprehensive Volt sales data emerges. Oftentimes, these results will be posted months apart, making a true comparison impossible. But this time, the Volt's cumulative (2010 through 2012) sales data is current as of October 31, 2012 and Nissan's figures (launch to present) are, too. So, it's 42,700 for the LEAF and 33,036 for the Volt. Of course, the two vehicles offer different features and benefits, and represent two different global sales strategies. Still, it's fascinating to see the combined results of 75,736 plug-in cars sold by the two leaders in the segment.


· Sharyn Bovat (not verified) · 5 years ago

That's 2 YEARS worth of sales for the NISSAN Leaf...NISSAN has the capacity to build 50,000 Leaf (s) a year in Japan. The car will be built in the USA from a "kit"I was told NISSAN has the capacity to build ALL demand in Japan until at least 2015 (and now that person thinks 2016). It would be nice if articles that are submitted identify the "range" of time used for the sales to occur. It looks misleading.

· Sharyn Bovat (not verified) · 5 years ago

I made a screen shot of my comment and if you don't post it I will....
Have a great day.

· Markw (not verified) · 5 years ago

With 33,000 volt on the road over a two year period, we should have a real solid benchmark to use against all the EV doomsayers. So lets take stock:

How many real world volt fires have incinerated their drivers? None... How odd.

How many volts owners are in despair , dumping their volts for pennies on the dollar because the batteries will need to be replace soon ? None? Not even one volt showing any type of capacity fade? How odd.

How many divorces have been caused by someone forgetting to plug in the volt? Not one? Oh, I see, it sends you a txt message if u forget....

How could all those Fox News pundits have been so wrong?

Btw the EV Doomsayers have been a bit quiet this week, i wonder... oh right no more super pac funding.

The world just inst going to be the same.

· · 5 years ago

"The world just [isn't] going to be the same. "

"And for the first time ever, all 11 judges chose a car by unanimous decision. "

· Markw (not verified) · 5 years ago

This isn't even the half of it!

But in order to get the band wagon rolling, some one has to dance to the first song, that was the leaf and volt. Tesla is an awesome car but is two years late and still needs to knock off another 20k

Over the next decade its going to be fun watching the good old boys in Detroit and texas sweat bullets trying to stay on top of this new teck tidal wave! Its going to be double awesome to watch from the front seat of the car that kicked it into high gear! ( that would be the volt or the leaf )

· · 5 years ago

If Tesla disappears, you can bet you will have the last Volt model year ever built.

· Rosie's Red Volt (not verified) · 5 years ago

The last model year for the Volt? I think not. The Volt is in the sweet spot. It's cost is absolutely in line with its value. When this car is understood by the general public, GM will not be able to keep up with production. The growth curve will be slowly moving up while at the same time accelerating. Just 25 more miles on the battery and "selling like hot cakes"!!

· · 5 years ago


Tesla is the one that started this party with the Roadster. If they hadn't built and sold that, GM would have never even conceived of the Volt.

· · 5 years ago

@Rosie's Red Volt,
You and Markw are clearly newcomers to the fight against GM and the rest of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) industry. They have $billions invested in the ICE and all of the ancillary junk (transmissions, coolant systems, fuel systems, exhaust systems, pollution controls, etc) required to make it work and make it work economically. Like sailmakers and shipwrights in the 1800's, film manufacturers (kodak) in the 2000's, their financial interests hate to see all of their investment become obsolete by a technology that they will have to invest further in.
They know that the electric drivetrain will inevitably render their current technology obsolete but will do anything in their power to slow it down. You can be sure GM will work hard to kill the Volt if they aren't afraid someone else won't kill them with an EV.
Tesla is the sole company that is committed to producing EVs and they are progressing very well, making money off of expensive cars while tooling up to increase production while decreasing the price.
Enjoy your Volt but remain aware of what it took to get that car on the road and keep it there. Our society needs EVs and we can't afford too many missteps caused by greed on our way to get them on the road to replace petroleum.

· Modern Marvel Fan (not verified) · 5 years ago

@ex-EV1 driver, your view of the auto world is too naive and simple. I have a Volt and I love to have a Tesla and is saving up for the $35k Tesla. However, I think Volt is a perfect solution to the pure EV world. It is NOT practical right now for all people's uses. Also, you can't count ICE out until we have the infrastructure in place to support fast charging. That is decades away.

You should realize that the biggest threat to EV adoption is actually high MPG cars such as Prius. Most people buy product based on "economic" reason only. And Prius is putting a huge economic barrier in terms of ROIC comparing with typical EVs such as Leaf. If gas is $6 tomorrow, more people will jump out and buy a Prius instead of a Leaf, that is a fact.

Give GM the credit where it is due. Volt is an awesome car and it is the ONLY EREV (series hybrid) on the market today and only plugin that allow you to minimize gas usage. Most Volt owners do just that.

· EVlvr (not verified) · 5 years ago

So the Volt is rocking the world, great news. Good for the Leaf too, even though its numbers are padded upward via its Japan home market.

· Former caddy owner (not verified) · 5 years ago

To ex-EV1 Driver:  the Obama administration tried to kill the Volt program as part of the loan deal.  GM and Bob Lutze had to fight to keep the program alive.

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