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Gas Engine turning on in EV mode

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jkang · · 5 years ago

I just bought a Plug-in Prius earlier this week and had a question.

The gas engine will turn on, even with the EV mode is depressed-- usually going around 35mph, without the climate control on. Not only that, unlike our 2006 Prius, the gas engine will not even shut off when we come to a stop or coast for a long time. Is this normal for the PiP?


· · 5 years ago

From what I have heard and the single time I have driven the PiP, it all depends on how hard the acceleration and incline is. If the car feels it needs extra power which can not be provided strictly by the electric motor it will switch over to the gas propulsion system. This is unlike an extended range electric vehicle like the VOLT which will drive on pure electric for those miles before the battery is depleted. I love the PiP over the standard as it has the larger Li-Ion vs the legacy battery and the higher observed MPG rating. My only suggestion (and have fun with it) is write out a series of tests on acceleration, drive techniques and test out what your doing to when the gas motor engages and fires up. Make it like a game to see how lightly your need to drive by feathering the pedal and slow... i mean S L O W like grandma accelerations to see what you can do. I did this in my old LEAF to see if I could accelerate on 1-2 bars/bubbles to keep the efficiency up, (didn't work was too slow for me) but it was fun. Now I'm doing the same thing with my new VOLT (seeing how far I can take it on pure electric)

Hope this helps. Its a great car, and you should be averaging over 60mpg with regular charging keep it on the plug when able and not in use (it helps, trust me)

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