Ford Evos Plug-In Hybrid Concept to Make US Debut in January

By · November 14, 2011

Ford Evos Concept

Ford Evos Concept to make North American debut in January.

Ford introduced the world to its Evos Concept
at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Evos is powered by a lithium-ion-based, plug-in powertrain that ultimately delivers the same sort of fuel economy as the Ford C-Max Energi that’s scheduled to arrive in the US in 2012.

As a design study, the Evos will likely influence the look of the automaker's production vehicles in the near future. The sexy design of the Evos is described by Ford's design guru J Mays as "not to provoke, but to seduce." As we reported in September, the appeal of the Evos concept was more about car connectivity than the plug-in drivetrain or the shape of the sheet metal. For example, the car is supposed to do some wild things, like adjusting the way it drives based on the specific driver’s profile, map and weather data, and other info supplied by data pulled down from the cloud. The car will also do you the favor of reading your text messages as they come in.

Given its geekiness, it's not surprising that the Ford Evos will make its first appearance in North America as the centerpiece of the automaker's display at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January of 2012.

Ford Evos Concept

Ford Evos plug-in hybrid concept.

The sleek silhouette of the Evos could command Ford's design for its increasingly electric product line. The Evos also hints toward what's coming down the Ford's pipeline for interior design. As Ford states, "A stylish and innovative cockpit promises new levels of driver interaction" and the interior design features "clean and simple surfaces, with a muscular, athletic" style.


· · 6 years ago

Beautiful looking car for sure! Do all concepts have to have gull-wing doors? It is some sort of unwritten rule?

· · 6 years ago

Those doors just aren't practical in the snow...

· · 6 years ago

... or in the rain, or wind, or low garage, or parking lot. But hey. They're crazy expensive to implement, so they prove how great the concept is.

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