Fisker to Resume Karma Production "Fairly Soon"

By · February 13, 2013

Fisker Karma job one

Initial production of the plug-in Fisker Karma commenced back in March of 2011. Production continued at a relatively steady pace until struggling Fisker attempted to renegotiate is contract with vehicle assembler Valmet Automotive in summer 2012. Production never resumed, which means Fisker hasn't made a single Karma in seven months.

Henrik Fisker, executive chairman and former chief executive officer of Fisker Automotive, claims that production will resume "fairly soon." Though Fisker declined to provide a specific date, he told reporters at the Chicago Auto Show that the recent acquisition of A123 Systems by Wanxiang means that Fisker is now able to negotiate a contract to receive battery packs again. In fact, that's what Fisker says the automaker is doing at this very moment.

"We are negotiating with them," Henrik Fisker said of Wanxiang and A123 Systems.

Aside from negotiating some sort of contract to get production underway, Fisker is in desperate need of funds. The automaker has actively been seeking investors, from sources as far-flung as China and the Middle East, though the company isn't currently openly discussing these activities. Henrik Fisker only told reporters that "We have several interested parties."

It's believed Fisker has enough Karmas in the pipeline to meet demand for the next month or two. If production doesn't resume "fairly soon," as Mr. Fisker asserts, then Fisker Automotive may be left without a vehicle to sell.


· · 5 years ago

At our Buffalo Auto Show last weekend, the car that generated the most buzz was a Fisker in its own private Loge (from Dorschell Fisker in nearby Rochester). Identical to the situation last year except then NOONE looked at, this year EVERYONE did.

Glad to see Fisker isn't dead yet.. I've test driven it twice, and for me, its not worth the $120000 they want, but I'm glad others a giving it a serious look.

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