Fiat 500e Recalled for Power Inverter Defect

By · May 12, 2014

Fiat 500e

On May 9, Chrysler Group said it would replace the power inverter module in an estimated 4,141 Fiat 500e electric cars to prevent coolant seepage that may cause power loss while driving.

The function of the power inverter module (or PIM) is to alter electric current to accommodate battery-powered propulsion. According to a Chrysler press release, a routine warranty data review prompted an investigation, during which engineers discovered a PIM defect that may, over time, seep coolant onto electrical components, causing a short-circuit leading to power loss.

Chrysler Group said that it’s aware of five such incidents, but no related accidents or injuries have occurred.

The PIM replacement is targeted to model-year 2013-14 Fiat 500e vehicles assembled between Sept. 24, 2012 and April 4, 2014. Affected customers, all of whom are in the U.S., will be contacted directly and advised when they may schedule service. The company will cover the costs.

Customers who are concerned may call the Fiat Customer Assistance Center at 1-888-242-6342.


· · 1 year ago

Good thing is a compliance car or they could have 100000 to do.

· · 1 year ago

500e will NEVER sell 100K unit even if it is NOT compliance car.

In SF Bay Area, there are plenty of inventory and discounted lease rate of $199/month. That is with heavy advertisment of HOV lane sticker and low leasing price, it barely sold a little over 4,000 units in CA....

· · 1 year ago

What do you think holds back the 500e? Size? Range?

· · 1 year ago

size and range.

People already complain about the 4 seat arrangement of the Volt.

The only things helps teh 500e is the "cuteness" of the car. It is NOT the largest BEV, it is NOT the longest range, it is NOT the most efficient, it is NOT the most powerful, it is NOT the cheapest. It is only "cute". Which can only go so far for the plugin buyers.

· · 1 year ago

I have to admit, that at the price(in CA with rebates, etc)more of these are not on the road is surprising. It's small, but so is the MiEV and the Spark EV. I drive the IMiEV and have gotten used to its smaller size. But the 500E has 33% more range, that covers a lot of sins for the right buyer. Having the 6.6 on board charger is also a plus(the lack of QC is a negative though). Interior shot of the dashboard shows a sparsely apportioned area, but much more attractively done than the I-MiEV. Both IMiEV and Spark EV have more functional backseats and storage area though. The I-MiEV rear seats fold all the way down and you really can put a LOT of stuff back there. Maybe Californians have too many choices and are avoiding this car. Too bad, it certainly seems to have a place in the market.


· · 1 year ago

An Answer to this is Coda (which is available in CA still) Bigger than this better interior 6.6 on board charger great BMS, 125 miles per charge low charge time at 240V (and HE HE 0-60 in 4.5 seconds top speed over 200(because of BW trans and UQM American motor- with unlocked controller) and an EXTREMELY low price if you don't mind not having a warranty.

· · 1 year ago

@CoolBreezer: GM only built several Million cars with a faulty ignition switch, and still they couldn't get it right, took them ten years and they even countersued people that sued them for the flaw.
The issue with the power inverter is that coolant can leak into the inverter and cause it to shut down. Significantly different issue than disabling power steering and airbags, and consequently killing at least 13 people.

· · 1 year ago

I cant afford any car right now. I got chapter 13, so I need information on how I can get one after I finish chapter 13

· · 1 year ago

For me, the size and range of the 500e is fine. What holds it back for me is the lack of any rapid charging option at all. CHAdeMO or CCS, I don't really care. But offer SOMEthing! Lack of any rapid charge option confines it to the role of compliance city car for me.

It's a shame, really. If the 500e had rapid charge, I would seriously consider it after my lease is up on my Leaf. Too little, too late, Fiat.

· · 1 year ago

turbo charger offered by Fiat. 240V...have a receptacle installed at your home with a dedicated circuit. Charges Fiat 500e in 6.4 hours

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