Electric Chevy Spark Worldwide Debut Scheduled for End of November

By · November 14, 2012

Chevy Spark EV

The production version of the electric Chevy Spark will make its worldwide debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

General Motors will use the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show as the venue for the worldwide debut of the electric version of Chevy's popular Spark. The debut is scheduled for the end of November.

According to Chris Perry, vice president of global Chevrolet marketing, "The Spark EV and next-generation of MyLink demonstrate Chevrolet's commitment to delivering the advanced technologies that today's consumers will be eager to adopt and truly value."

Although GM has only released a few details related to the electric Spark, previous reports indicate that the upcoming plug-in Spark will feature a 114-horsepower electric motor and that the vehicle will first be offered in select US markets in 2013.

In its latest release, GM added: "The plug-in electric version of the Spark EV will offer consumers the same package that has made the gasoline-powered model so popular while delivering the technology and performance of pure electric power."

We eagerly wait for the GM to announce the electric Spark's range and its price tag. Without this vital info, it's difficult to gauge the potential success of electric Spark.


· Spec (not verified) · 5 years ago

I'm hoping that the Chevy Spark is as well engineered as the Volt appears to have been. All new technology has some flaws but the Volt seems to have pretty well-engineered and has only needed minor changes to address some issues.

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