eBay Launches Comprehensive Green Driving Site

By · April 23, 2012

eBay Green Driving

Unique items like this 1909 Walker all-electric delivery van will draw attention to eBay's Green Driving center, but the site also features a decent selection of today's plug-in cars, like the Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF and Tesla Roadster.

Last week, we reported that ordering a Nissan LEAF no longer requires an online reservation or a long wait—just go into a dealership and buy the electric car like any other car. In an even more dramatic sign that buying a green car, like an EV, is “normal” if not mainstream, eBay last week launched its Green Driving Center.

A click through the site’s inventory reveals popular electric choices and a small but growing collection of EV articles. (I’m biased about the site and its articles because I consulted with eBay in the creation of the site.)

But what’s most remarkable about eBay and EVs is the inventory of electric cars that consumers can buy right away. Here’s what I’m seeing today in the eBay Green Driving’s browse-able inventory of electric cars:

  • Seven Chevy Volts
  • Five Tesla Roadsters
  • Three Nissan LEAFs
  • Two Think City EVs
  • One Fisker Karma
  • Two Wheegos
  • About 10 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, mostly GEMs and Zaps
  • An assortment of conversions, last-generation EVs (Solectria and Commuta-Car), and even a 1909 electric delivery van with an asking price of $127,500

This small but active marketplace—of both viable new EVs and intriguing older models—is very likely to grow over time. Right now there might only be a few dozen EVs on eBay, but electric cars should follow in the path of hybrids, which have been on the US market for more than a decade. eBay today lists nearly 800 hybrids for sale.

eBay had good timing for the launch of its Green Driving center. "With the national gas price average reaching $3.83 in March—and today’s national gas price average standing at $3.89,” eBay states in a press release, “There’s never been a better time to green your driving and ease some of the pressure on your wallet."


· · 6 years ago

This does kind of bring up the question of how to sell an EV which received a gov rebate so soon. Isn't there some minimum ownership clause where if you sell the car too soon you have to payback the rebate? At which point you'd have to sell the car at a price higher than what someone could get it for new, with the rebate.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

I wonder if the 1909 Delivery Vehicle qualifies for the tax rebate?

· Larry, Richmond VA (not verified) · 6 years ago

The most interesting are the brand-new Thinks, being liquidated at $22,500 (before the federal rebate), a net price less than half of what it was before the bankruptcy. However, they are only available to residents of certain states that gave ZEV credits to the company, part of the deal the liquidator made with the folks who bought out the Think assets.

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