Coda Electric Sedan to Make Showroom Debut in February, Sales to Follow

By · January 02, 2012

Coda Sedan

Coda aims to sells its electric Sedan through a dealership in San Diego starting in February.

Coda Automotive, maker of the electric $39,900 Coda Sedan, has named Marvin K. Brown Auto Center as its exclusive dealership in San Diego County, Calif. The retailer is expected to be the first in the nation to sell the 2012 Coda sedan starting in February. The Coda Sedan features a 36-kWh battery pack and boasts an estimated range of up to 150 miles.

David Grundstrom, chief executive officer of Marvin K. Brown Auto center, released this statement, "It's clear San Diegans are increasingly interested in zero-emission vehicles and the Coda sedan will resonate with the local community."

Coda Automotive opened its first "brand experience center" in Los Angeles' upscale Century City community in August and started signing a handful of dealers in late November. As of Nov. 28, Phil Murtaugh, Coda's chief executive officer, claimed that Coda had officially signed contracts to sell its electric sedan at five dealerships in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Honolulu. Sales should commence in the next couple of months, but the Coda sedan's lofty price tag and unproven quality could hinder its success.


· · 6 years ago

Any news on how many they will produce in 2012? Probably not many given it's the first car. Is anybody here getting one?

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

Saw the Coda cars at the LA autoshow and could clearly see the cheap design of the car. The poor design around the inside of the windows looking into the car was clearly noticeable.
And they had a sign that said longest range electric car. Did they forget about the tesla roadster?

· iletric (not verified) · 6 years ago

There is an article about Coda's profit going directly to the China's industrial-military complex. The car is basically pre-manufactured in China. Minimal American labor. How nice...
Personally, I'll stick with the future Infinitys and Hondas.

· Londo Bell (not verified) · 6 years ago

Gees, nothing but false info on the Coda...

Coda is an American start-up. Not a Chinese company. Just because they sourced their body works from China doesn't mean that it's part of the "Chinese Military." Take a look at your Apple or any PC products, or ANY product you've at home - TV, microwave, clocks, etc -they are all manufactured in China, so the profits going to the Chinese military, correct?

Quality is one thing; design is another. Before one bash Coda's design, you do know that it ISN'T from the Chinese, ok? It's actually designed by Pininfarina; yes, the same company that designs various Ferraris. Tranny is from Germany's Borg Werner, and Porsche actually involved in the engineering of this EV.

The only question here is - will the quality of the final product hold with all these off-the-shelve parts, and synchronization from various engineering teams?

Price wise, it's actually way better than Focus EV - same price, but larger battery/longer range. If Coda is the size of Ford or Nissan, or even Mitsubishi, it's possible that this thing would sell for $30K or so.

· 9691 (not verified) · 6 years ago

Good response Londo. This is Coda's first generation. Hyundai's Accent from only 5 years ago looked cheap inside like it was build in somebody's back yard. Today that has changed. Coda deserves a fair chance.

· iletric (not verified) · 6 years ago

Defending the last true Machavellian nation in the world, aren't you?
China has a long-term plan to basically own the world. They are patient, they cut corners, they cheat (such as the case of "Indian" honey) they manipulate their currency to keep products cheap, and they go downright dangerous in their greed for an extra buck as is the case of melamine in milk. Get this: the milk, even after the adulteration was discovered (first in the US dog food, then in the local Chinese milk), and the main player executed, still sits today in some Chinese warehouse as dried milk, and quietly makes it into the sea of cookies that ship all over the world. (Don't eat cheap Chinese cookies unless you like melamine.)
This is the country that executes 8 people a day and figured out the way to sell their organs, because there is money to be made there too. After all, why waste good organs of pimps and bribe takers (both capital crimes)?
China is the only country in the world that esposes a split-personality communist/capitalist society that boggles mind of any westerner. Thus every Chinese has 3 masters: communism, capitalism and money.
I know that we have no choice and are forced to buy GE microwaves and solar panels made in China (bye-bye Solyndra). It is currently a fact of life. I wish we could go back 40 years and import paper lanterns and ball point pens and not much more.
Here is the good news:
Western world will prevail -- again -- because Chinese plan has a fatal flaw. China thrives today because it's economy is based on cheap, mostly inhumane labor (prisoners, children) and communist government subsidies. This labor will evantually die down under world pressure but mostly because of rising middle class that will price the labor cost out of the market. Once China no longer offers the labor cost advantage it "enjoyed" for a few decades, the manufacturing of western goods will move somewhere else. It's going to take a while, but it will happen.
We gripe about Saudi oil and revenge of the electric car that will free us of the oil dependency on some very unfriendly countries. Oil is 1000x bigger than blood diamonds; it is soaked in blood of our countrymen (and women). In my book, China is next up.

· Tom K (not verified) · 6 years ago

Boy, we sure have drifted off topic this time...
I'll stick with my LEAF...

· Michael R (not verified) · 6 years ago

To iletric:

I wish you were right about China being a transient power. And you would be right if it was playing on the level field -- but it is not. It will always cost more to produce things with responsible environmental practices rather than spewing waste into air and water as they do. It will always cost more to pay for health care for the workers rather than work them until they die off soon after retiring. Anywhere you look - labor protection, environment, health care - we are not on the level field, and all this propaganda that our politicians are feeding us about us outcompeting everyone else is just that. There are fundamentals here at play. So we as a society have a choice: either stoop to their level (and if you have been to Chinese cities - I have - you really do not want to breath that air) or level the playing field.

I have a simple recipe to do this while upholding free trade: we can just demand that any company that trades with us adheres to *our* environmental and labor protections. They are free to not do it (but then forgo trading with us) or submit to inspections etc.

· iletric (not verified) · 6 years ago

Coda Benicia plant is a sham. It is an assembly outfit. Leaf plant in Tennessee is the real deal. Cars and the batteries will be made in the US. Night and day difference.

I will never buy Coda. I will wait for anything else but a Chinese product. I cannot buy non-Chinese microwave, but I can buy non-Chinese electric. I own a Leaf and cannot wait to buy another electric so both of us (wife and I) drive on electrons. It won't be Coda or Chery or whaterver else they come up with. Period. I will not support this regime whose goal is to own us in a 100 years.

It's the same situation as with Yugo a decade (or two) ago. You all might recall. And where is Yugo today? We saw the light then. We can see it now, too. Sorry. There will be plenty of electrics to choose from in the near future. Let's choose with due dilligence.

· · 6 years ago

your Apple or any PC products, or ANY product you've at home - TV, microwave, clocks, etc -they are all manufactured in China,,
This is true and probably the main reason I a) don't own an iPad or similar tablet and b) have enough money to consider buying a Tesla Model S. I avoid spending money on anything made in China. Since, as you point out, this is difficult, I often don't buy things I may want but don't need. This, of course, saves me a lot of money every year.
Since we have options, I'll choose the non-chinese option whenever possible.
And the Coda is a chinese car. That arrogant idiot Miles' business plan was to make his EVs in China to save on labor costs and that is what he is doing.

· · 6 years ago

I have driven the Coda, it worked well. Any word on the crash test results or the EPA rated range? I consider these two must have bits of info before I would consider buying one.

· · 6 years ago

@Michael R - "I have a simple recipe to do this while upholding free trade: we can just demand that any company that trades with us adheres to *our* environmental and labor protections. They are free to not do it (but then forgo trading with us) or submit to inspections etc."

Hear hear! I have been saying this for years. This would absolutely work, too, if only we (in the general sense) Americans weren't so greedy as to want to cheap goods China can provide. It's a double standard, absolutely, but hey, as long as it's not in our back yard, we'd prefer the cheaper prices over saving China's environment (after all, it's not like their environment is our environment), not to mention the health of the Chinese people.

The whole situation makes me sick.

· iletric (not verified) · 6 years ago

Actually China particulate pollution does make it to the US west coast, and it is said to affect our weather patterns from very dry to very wet.

"According to Science Daily, huge clouds of dust, chemicals, aerosols and trace metals from industrial activities in China (and India) are affecting storm patterns in the Pacific Ocean. Science Daily says that scientists from Texas A&M University have shown that aerosols, 'Because of various climate conditions... can affect the droplets in clouds and can actually change the dynamics of the clouds themselves'."

Wanna see something so evil that will really make you sick? Watch the Chinese farmer skinning the fur dog -- live. He's apparetly too lazy to take a hammer and hit its head. So the dog wriggles mightily while getting skinned alive and then is thrown on a pile with all the other lucky dogs. It is still alive, looking around -- skinned -- all red meat, wondering: just WTF happened to me? for about a minute before it croaks. And to add insult to injury, they sell it to us as fake fur. I think this act best characterizes the culture we're dealing with and support with our dollars.

Remember those underaged olympics gymnasts with fixed birth certificates? Cheat, lie, and don't give a FF about anything as long as it makes money. We have to draw the line with China. It's long overdue.

Happy Coda driving, folks.

· · 6 years ago

@iletric - "Actually China particulate pollution does make it to the US west coast, and it is said to affect our weather patterns from very dry to very wet."

When I said "it's not like their environment is our environment", I was being heavily sarcastic. I apologize that I didn't point that out.

As for skinning live dogs, I have never even heard of such of thing. That's pretty horrific.

· Londo Bell (not verified) · 6 years ago

This thread has gone ot so much, that it is now nothing but racist comments.

Sad that this sort of behavior exists even among the greenies...

· · 6 years ago

@Londo Bell,
While it may be popular in the circles you hang out in to always criticize the US and assume that everyone else is better, it is seldom correct.
Calling people 'Racist' when you don't agree with them is just childish name calling (or else stupid ignorance). What I see here could be called Nationalist and I see nothing wrong with it, especially when it is correct.
I'd suggest that those who don't see anything wrong with forcing Chinese people to work long hours for little wages, with minimal health care, in unsafe and unhealthy working environments are truly the racists. They value the lives of 'their people' differently than they do for 'those people'.
We decided enslavement of people from different races was not acceptable over 150 years ago and it still isn't.
But then, I'm definitely not a "greenie" if we're finding it important to attach color labels to people.
I fully agree with Michael R's suggestion that all goods imported to the US should be built under US manufacturing and labor standards.

· Londo Bell (not verified) · 6 years ago

@ ex-EV1 driver,

Clarification: I said that the comments are racist. I'm not saying that the PEOPLE are racists. However, it's very easy to make racist comments by a kind person, without him/her realizing it.

1st, the discussion about Coda's showroom has now deviated into Coda's country of origin debate, as well as the conditions of labor over there.

2nd, has anyone ever considered the "culture" over there? Sure I want them to have the same standard of human lives/labors treatment, similar to the US, but does that have to do with eating dog meat or killing (skinning) the dogs? Is that person building the EV?

3rd, why is it that, just because the product is made by Chinese, it's definitely going to be a piece of crap? That's judging something (in this case, a product) not by what it is made of, or how it behaves, or what type of qualities it is having, but by the people making it.

Here's an example:
(1) Coda makes bad EV because its EV has failed X, Y, and Z quality tests.
That's a perfect fine statements.
(2) Coda makes bad EV because its EV is made in China, or made by the Chinese.
That's a racist statement.

What's even worse is that, by saying Coda's EV are bad because they are made by Chinese / made in China, it's basically looking past the product in front of you, and trying to find "faults" along the line of its root. How is that different than attaching the coal power plant emission to a EV just to debunk the zero emission statement of any EV?

Boy, this is SO off topic now.

· iletric (not verified) · 6 years ago

Here it is. Warning: graphic suffering. The end justifies the means...or does it?

Happy Coda driving.

· · 6 years ago

@Londo Bell,
I don't see this as being very far OT since the main reason I am not particularly interested in Coda is because the only way it stands a chance competitively is because it is made in China.
It is cheap for us because it is being subsidized by the lives of the Chinese people.
As far as poor quality goods from China goes; this is a different although my experience does indicate that stuff made in China is of poor quality. Their goods are often of the same quality as the treatment that the workers get from their totalitarian government.
This doesn't mean the quality won't change in the future.
Taking your example:
2) Coda makes bad EV because its EV is made in China, or made by the Chinese.
That's a racist statement.

This a confusing issue because to some "Chinese" means a race, to others, it means a communist totalitarian country.
No, it is not inherently a RACIST statement. It can also be a nationalistic or idealistic statement, which, while not Politically Correct in some circles, is perfectly ok with me.

· · 6 years ago

@ex-EV1 driver · "What I see here could be called Nationalist and I see nothing wrong with it, especially when it is correct."
It is anti-China - not a generic Nationalist. Afterall you don't boycott goods made in UK or Europe (that would include the Roadster or Leaf, right ?).

I've a lot of problems with China - and I've always pointed to the double standard we have when dealing with China & Cuba - or worse Saudi Arabia.

But in general, the fact that a majority of products sold in the US is because of Chinese origin is purely based on corporate America deciding to move manufacturing offshore to the cheapest place. You can put the blame on US corporations/consumers but not China.

· · 6 years ago

@Brian Schwerdt · "we can just demand that any company that trades with us adheres to *our* environmental and labor protections. "

Funny - if Europeans applied this std, they wouldn't trade with US.

As I told a Dean a long time back - if you want to tie trade to labor protection, first figure out how to ensure that Walmart workers get collective bargaining rights. Then, we can talk about other countries.

· · 6 years ago

@EVNow - I wouldn't necessarily disagree with Europeans if they did apply this standard to us. As for WalMart, there are many reasons I don't shop there, you just nicked the surface.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

It's very risky starting a car company. If you want an electric car buy it from a company that will be here in a decade with certainty.. Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV. Mitsubishi is iffy for staying in the US market. SAAB just went bankrupt and cancelled all warranties-- CODA is pretty risky.. for more money than a Leaf you get a little more range AND the possibility your warranty will be worthless.

· · 6 years ago

@Anonymous . "CODA is pretty risky.. for more money than a Leaf you get a little more range AND the possibility your warranty will be worthless."

Yes - chances of Coda surviving are very slim.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

If you don't think Chinese products are good enough, why don't you thow away your Apple Iphone, IPAD, IPOD? they are all produced in China.

· IWantMyEV (not verified) · 6 years ago

Back to the topic in general and regardlless of where it is built, it is easily the cheapest looking and feeling piece of junk I have been inside of in a long time. I really wanted to like it because of the range and I thought even though it looks very aged in its exterior design, it still wasn't ugly, just plain. Bottom line is it looks and feels cheaper then the cheapest econobox I have sat in lately. No way I could spend $41K + tax minus $7500 on that thing. Not only is the entire interior just plastic it is the flimsiest cheap feeling thrown together plastic you could possibly get. yuck!

Sorry Coda, I give you a year before you go under.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

It's really sorry to see that video. I saw that place should be west of China which is very backward, no social security, no health care. This is different level of social development. Take a look at American history, it is the same.
But if there is no demand, there will be no killing of animals.
so if no one buy fur/skins, there will be no animal killings for furs.

however, this has nothing to do with Coda EV cars. you should not blame the animal killing on Coda EV. it's unfair.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

@iwantmyev- The coda has just gone into production, any car you sat in was a pre production prototype. The pre production cars have simulated interior panels. Why do you think most manufactures lock doors and tint windows on pre production concept or prototype cars? Not to say their production panels will be made of Italian leather and diamond studded, but when is the last time you saw a new car that didn't have a plastic interior? Dispite codas plain exterior I would still drive it over the frog looking LEAF or the Focus EV. Not to mention it has a much larger battery and a full size trunk. Coda gives me the chance to drive an EV without looking awkward or feeeling snooty about being green, I don't need the attention or reassurance. Let's wait a few months when they hit the showroom floors at the dealerships before we pass any judgment on them.

Oh and as far as the Tesla S, it's a beautiful car but I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for one, they say July 2012 but I got the feeling its more like next winter, plus they are only offering their most expensive model. 80k is a little out of my price range and it may be a couple years before the 60k option is available if it is at all.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

I saw this thing in person at the Detroit Auto Show and the interior bits were literally falling apart, the dye used on the parts was coming off and the stitching was coming apart on the seats. The doors did not close properly, the fuel door release was just hacked into the carpet, and the fuel door it self took a mild fist blow to the center to close. It is RUBBISH! Why would you show such garbage at an auto show where other manufacturers are showing their bread and butter?

· · 6 years ago

I see some paid trolls in this space. Chinese suffering? C'mon! Look at the shirt and clothes you are wearing and not a peep out of you in regards to that.

Coda is opening up a factory in California.

Give 'em a freakin break. People here have a dream, the jackals come to shoot them down. This is not the America I know. Be positive now, people!

And we got an email that our Coda(exact same as in posted at top of this article) is available for pickup on the 16th. Gotta get our solar panels permitted and level 2 charger quick. This is the future and it continues to get even better. Get in rhythm or get the hell out of the way of that gigantic tech roller called Progress.

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