Volt and LEAF Sales Drop Off in January 2013

By · February 01, 2013


Low inventories are to blame for the sales dip of both the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt in January 2013.

Sales of the Chevy Volt came in at a 12-month low of 1,140 units in January 2013. Sales of the Volt were strong at 2,633 units in December 2012, but had dipped in November 2012, with General Motors reporting it sold only 1,519 units.

If we look back at January 2012, we discover that sales of the Volt were only 603 units. That's the last time that sales of the Volt were below the 1,140 units sold in January 2013.

Sales of the Nissan LEAF checked in at 650 units in January 2013. Sales of its electric LEAF had been stable for the last three months of 2012, with 1,489 units in December 2012; 1,539 units in November; and 1,579 in October.

Sales of the LEAF in January 2012 were 676 units, which means that the sales results for January 2013 represent a decline of approximately 3.8 percent.

Nissan says that a dwindling supply of 2012 LEAFs is to blame for the low sales figure. The 2013 Model Year LEAF, the first to be built in the U.S., is in production now, but Nissan says it will take a month or two before production levels rise up enough to satisfy demand. The 2013 LEAF will reach dealerships later this month.

The Volt ended last year with 23,461 units sold and the LEAF closed 2012 with 9,819 units sold. Most analysts believe that 2013 sales of both the Volt and LEAF will easily surpass last year's figures.


· · 5 years ago

As far as the LEAF's go, We know there is minimal supply, however these numbers showing people still purchashing the vehicle is good. If the MY13's dont get released soon, the next article might be "Increasing/Growing demand for the EV LEAF" as people will be searching to make a reservation, find an older 2011/2012 to pick up at a decent price.

With the VOLT, after the past 2 Auto Shows and GM advertising the lower price (as well as Nissan did with the LEAF) it may be people just awaiting the new changes in price, possibly color selections and a bigger discount available for the MY12's that are left over.

First Quarter 2013 will be slow, and until the ramp up and delivery of MY13's in mass, we will get a better idea on the EV community 2nd Quarter IMO.

· · 5 years ago

Gotta wait a whole more year to claim your tax-credit.

· · 5 years ago

...unless you lease, of course. And with the attractive rates on the Leaf, combined with a rapidly improving product, I'm betting there will be a lot of leases...

· · 5 years ago

It's my understanding all the good Volt lease deals are gone -- which would explain the drop. GM's gotta keep lease rates around $200-$250 per month to keep moving Volts at a decent rate -- even if it means losing money.

· · 5 years ago

I've sold about 300 LEAFs so far, but January was a very slow month since I sold our last one a while back. I haven't had a car to see for almost three weeks.

I've been taking orders for the new 2013 models and have quite a strong list going. Given the improvements to the car and the lower price, I think we're going to sell a lot of them.

· · 5 years ago

I attended the launch celebration two weeks ago. It was exciting. It takes a while to fill the pipeline and they want everything perfect when they go out. Just a matter of time. You will probably see a trickle of vehicle soon and then a flood of them later.

· · 5 years ago

My gawd Eric, who taught you how to compare sales numbers?
If you're going to state in a sales comparison, that sales of the Leaf in January 2012 to 2013 "represents a decline of approximately 3.8 percent" then why wouldn't you have compared apples to apples and stated that a similar comparison to Volt sales from last year was AN INCREASE OF 151% !!!
Gimmie a break

· · 5 years ago

If the Washington D.C. area gets these eVgo DC L3 Chargers, and they are strategically located, I do think LEAF's in this area will flourish tremendously. Different cities like Fairfax sell the LEAFS better then other parts of the state. No new and only 3 used Leafs available in 100 miles = a positive influence of people buying them.

We got another few weeks until the MY13's are at dealers...and I bet they will fly off the lot...Tax Season = ability to possibly have a downpayment for some possible new EV'ers

· · 5 years ago

The green car industry has some serious problems. Consumers should know about them: http://www.ursusamericanus.us/w/2013/02/07/government-subsidies-for-elec...

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