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By Brad Berman ·
January 12, 2015

General Motors Tries Again for EV Leadership, with Volt and Bolt

General Motors today unveiled a new and improved version of Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid at the 2015 Detroit auto show. The second-generation Volt will travel about 50 miles purely on electricity stored in a new lighter 18.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack. That’s up from 38 miles in the 2015 Volt.

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By Brad Berman ·
October 31, 2014

Next-Generation 2016 Chevy Volt Will Be More Efficient and Powerful

It’s been exciting to watch the release of one new plug-in model after the next. But the most promising developments could be just around the corner: new and improved second-generation battery-powered models, starting with the Volt.

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By Brad Berman ·
October 06, 2014

2015 Chevrolet Volt: Greater Battery Capacity

The 2015 Chevy Volt is mostly a carryover model from previous years. The number of miles the Volt can travel purely on electricity is the vehicle’s most important metric. On that account, the EV range is still 38 miles—even though the capacity of the battery pack slightly rose to 17.1 kilowatt-hours from 16.5 kWh in previous model years. The official efficiency rating stays put at 98 miles per gallon equivalent.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
September 04, 2014

Electric Car Sales Doing Just Fine (If You Don't Count Hybrids)

A new Edmunds analysis says the "green car" market is stagnant, but that's misleading—cars with plugs are showing big gains.

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By Brad Berman ·
July 30, 2014

Small EVs Perform Well on Most, But Not All, Crash Tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced today that it has completed tests of 32 small cars for its “small overlap front crash protection.” The results for plug-ins were mixed, with the Chevrolet Volt earning an “acceptable” rating, and the Nissan LEAF electric car getting a “poor” rating. The new small overlap test, introduced in 2012, replicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle collides with another car or an object such as a tree.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
April 21, 2014

It Works for Tesla: EV Buyers Should Have Battery Pack Size Options

Both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF may be offered with battery choices. It's a trend that makes sense.

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By Alysha Webb ·
April 15, 2014

Tony Posawatz Reflects on Volt, Fisker and Future of EVs

Talking with Tony Posawatz makes one optimistic about the future for electric vehicles. The executive who helped create GM’s Volt, and tried to save Fisker Automotive, is now spreading his talent around to many EV-space companies and he is stoked. “I am a passionate believer in electric drive tech and auto clean tech stuff,” he told

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By Alysha Webb ·
January 17, 2014 Names the Nissan LEAF as “Eco-Friendly Car of the Year”, a consumer website aiming to help ordinary people choose the right car, has named the 2013 Nissan LEAF its “Eco-Friendly Car of the Year.” The LEAF’s competitors this year were the Chevrolet Volt and the Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen TDI, executive editor Joe Wiesenfelder told The LEAF “is accessible, high-volume, and most recently started to address the limitations that have kept people from buying it,” he said.

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By Brad Berman ·
October 22, 2013

How Car Companies Can Avoid the Dark Side: Electric Cars

Dave Barthmuss, General Motors spokesman, stood up to the microphone at last week’s meeting of the Western Journalists Association (WAJ) in San Jose, Calif. Before uttering a word, he paused, surveyed the room of writers, and let out a sigh of relief. Dave then reminded the crowd how far that he and GM had come in the last seven years—from the time, as he put it, he was portrayed as the Darth Vader character in the 2006 documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” which chronicled the infamous crushing of EV1 electric cars, and the ensuing demise of a previous generation of EVs.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
September 17, 2013

For GM, Making More Affordable, Longer-Range EVs Is a Top Priority

General Motors may be readying itself to launch the Cadillac ELR range-extended luxury coupe later this year, but building more affordable and capable plug in cars is its top priority, Doug Parks, GM’s vice president for global product programs said on Monday. Talking with reporters at GM’s global battery systems laboratory near Detroit, Parks reinforced that affordability and performance were two key goals to widen electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid adoption.

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