Chevrolet Spark EV News

By Brad Berman ·
August 04, 2017

Honda Clarity Electric Goes On Sale in California and Oregon

The all-electric version of the 2017 Honda Clarity started arriving in dealerships in the past few weeks. The full-size sedan, which is only available in California and Oregon, leases for $269 a month for 36 months with $1,999 due at signing. The all-electric Clarity can travel 89 miles on a single charge. That puts Honda in the unfortunate position of introducing an EV with a driving range significantly lower than the new generation of electric cars.

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By Brad Berman ·
April 16, 2015

General Motors Drops Price on Cadillac ELR and Spark EV

General Motors announced this week that it’s dropping the price of the Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid by $9,000 and the Chevrolet Spark Electric by $1,500. Cadillac said that the 2016 ELR will sell for $65,995—compared to the previous price of $75,000. The lease pricing for the Spark EV is reduced to $139 a month—for 39 months with no deposit at signing.

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By Brad Berman ·
January 26, 2015

200 Miles is New Bogey for Electric Car Range

With the recently unveiling of the Chevrolet Bolt concept car—and quick replies from Nissan and Tesla—the race for an affordable long-range electric car reached a new level of competition. All three companies are targeting 200 miles on a single charge, thus establishing a new industry-wide target for a relatively affordable vehicle running solely on batteries.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
January 06, 2014

Three Small EVs Could Have Car-Phobic Youth Buyers on Their Side

Expanding on a New York Times review, the Chevy Spark, Smart ED and Fiat 500e have strong under-35 buyer appeal.

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By Alysha Webb ·
November 01, 2013

Chevy Spark EV Becoming Sleeper Hit, But Stock is Limited

The Chevrolet Spark EV is only available in California and Oregon, and it has only been on sale in those two states since June. But sales are exceeding expectations, Dale Sullivan, regional director of Chevrolet for General Motors Western Region told “It is way over our expectation,” he said. “Keeping a good quantity in stock is the biggest problem we have.”

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By Alysha Webb ·
October 31, 2013

Chevy To Show Tricked-Out Spark EV Concept

As anybody that has driven an electric vehicle can attest, EVs are fun to drive. Who can argue with instant acceleration? But a concept version of the Chevrolet Spark EV to be displayed at this year’s Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Show—an event more associated with monster trucks with huge wheels than with battery-electric vehicles—shows how far the fun-factor can be brought to electric cars.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
October 08, 2013

Why Chevrolet Needs To Sell the Spark EV Across the U.S.

General Motors confirmed last week that it has no plans to sell its all-electric Spark EV beyond select places in California and Oregon, reinforcing the widely held belief that the 2014 Spark EV is a compliance car that GM really didn’t want to make. But could GM be overlooking a sleeper hit in the electric Spark?

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By David Herron ·
August 05, 2013

Long-Distance Shipping of Electric Car Parts Adds Environmental Impact

That shiny new electric car in your driveway will dramatically reduce your personal environmental footprint, but when the manufacturer ships parts around the world before assembling the car, the transportation of those parts adds to the environmental impact of the car.

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By David Herron ·
July 26, 2013

GM Electrification Downplays All-Electric Cars

On Wednesday, General Motors published a roadmap for its vehicle electrification program. Pam Fletcher, global chief engineer for Volt and plug-In hybrid electric powertrains at GM, explains the three broad categories of vehicle electrification: light electrification, plug-in hybrid (or extended-range EV), and pure electric. She also makes it clear that most of GM's emphasis will be on the first two categories—with the Chevy Spark EV, a limited production vehicle, the sole mention of any pure electric cars.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
July 23, 2013

Chevy Spark EV Expands to Europe and Korea

The gasoline Spark is an international car, and the plug-in version follows suit. Korea, where the Spark is made, is likely to be a very robust EV market. Europe is still evolving, but there are positive signs.

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