By Brad Berman ·
October 14, 2014

Electric Car Utility Rate Plans: Top Five Rules

Blindly driving forward, without thinking about the rate plans offered by your local power company, can lead to unexpected—and sometimes unfortunate—outcomes for EV drivers.

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By Brad Berman ·
July 16, 2014

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette

Thou shalt charge only when necessary. Don't leave nasty notes when a gas car parks in an EV spot. And other rules to live by.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
May 21, 2013

How to Maximize Your Electric Car's Range

Just like gasoline cars, the real-world range of electric cars depends on a lot of different factors—from the climate and road conditions to car speed and the number of passengers on board. Does your EV get less range than the E.P.A. estimates? Follow these tips.

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By Patrick Connor ·
December 20, 2012

Electric Vehicle Public Charging

Most electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home overnight. But charging on the road allows you to drive more than the range of a single charge. To cover the basics, we’ll explore the types of charging, how to find public charging stations, and the best way to plan a trip.

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By Steve Harvey ·
August 18, 2011

EV-Hater’s Guide to Hating Electric Cars: Chapter 2

Last week, posted my EV-Hater’s Guide to Hating Electric Cars. The article, based on the mainstream media’s wonderfully irrational disdain for electric vehicles, generated a lot of comments. Web discussions about EVs, for some reason, are especially vitriolic—generating a lot of false and downright misleading information. Thus, the need for this second chapter of the EV-Hater’s Guide.

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By Patrick Connor ·
July 19, 2011

Maps & Apps: How to Find Charging Stations in the Wild

Many modern EVs such as the Nissan LEAF come with telematics systems that include charging station data. This is the simplest way to find a charging station. However, new charging stations are appearing every day and built-in systems are not always up to date. So how can you find the newest, latest, greatest scoop on charging station locations? Maps and apps!

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By Marc Geller ·
May 24, 2011

San Francisco Misses Charge Station Opportunity

ClipperCreek, an Auburn, Calif.-based manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, just announced the shipment of its 5,000th unit. Some of those units are being paid for by a California Energy Commission grant to upgrade existing Avcon charging stations across California. Seventeen Avcons eligible for replacement are located at San Francisco city-owned parking lots. With the city budget constrained just as investment in EV charging infrastructure has become warranted, one would think the City would jump at the opportunity for seventeen no-cost new units to serve LEAFs, Volts and Teslas. Instead, the Department of the Environment opted to utilize a federal grant to Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint America to pay to upgrade these charge stations. What's the problem?

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By Brad Berman ·
May 24, 2011

Uncle Sam Will Become Nation’s Top Electric Car Owner

The Obama administration will announce today it will buy 116 plug-in vehicles, including 101 Chevrolet Volts, 10 Nissan LEAFs vehicles, and five Think City electric commuter cars, according to Detroit News. It will also install charging stations in government buildings in five cities. The 116 plug-ins are a drop in the bucket for the GSA, which acquires about 65,000 news vehicles a year, and oversees a fleet of 600,000 vehicles.

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By Brad Berman ·
May 16, 2011

ECOtality Completes 1,000 Residential EV Charging Installations

ECOtality, the firm managing The EV Project, today announced that it has completed the installation of the first 1,000 Level 2 residential charging stations for electric cars. While some EV enthusiasts and observers had expected a faster build-out of charging infrastructure by this time, the milestone reveals new progress for the largest deployment of electric car charging infrastructure in U.S. history.

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By John Gartner ·
April 13, 2011

Electric Vehicles Getting Smarter Every Day

Electric vehicles need to be admired not only for their bodies, but also for their brains. The second wave of EVs and plug-in hybrids are likely to be even smarter than the first as automakers are enhancing their telematics features.

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