Brad Pitt: What If Cars Were Invented Today?

By · February 06, 2012

Brad Pitt on Daily Show

In an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, actor Brad Pitt asked a simple but provocative question about our entrenched approach to powering cars. Pitt appeared on the show to promote Money Ball, the award-nominated movie about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's use of economic analysis to draft his players.

Pitt said that Beane’s success was based on a questioning of 150 years of baseball knowledge. “Just because we’ve doing it this way for so long, does that mean it’s right?” asked Pitt. That’s when he drew a comparison to cars.

“I equate it with the automobile," he said. "What if we invented the automobile today? Would we say, I know, we’ll run it on finite fossil fuels, we’ll export a half-trillion dollars of our GDP, we’ll spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year to protect that interest, and it will pollute the environment?”

Pitt—reportedly a Tesla Roadster driver—is, after all, just an actor and celebrity. But his voice adds to a growing chorus of people seeking a re-evaluation of our petro-powered transportation infrastructure, and a demand for oil-free no-tailpipe alternatives such as electric cars.


· · 6 years ago

Brad, thanks for posting this. Here's the video link:

I could not have said it better myself.


· · 6 years ago

Great quote--great thought.

· · 6 years ago

Thanks for the post
Well said Brad

Money ball is a must see

· Chris T. (not verified) · 6 years ago

I've thought more than once that someone trying to introduce gasoline power to a society that had existing battery-technology powered cars would have some interesting hurdles...

(inventor is "A", others else is "B", "C")

A: "Look, you can refuel it in under five minutes! And you can carry enough fuel on board to go 400 miles!"

B: "Wh-- but why do you care? I like stopping for coffee and snacks every hour and a half!"

C: "And, good grief, gasoline? They use that stuff to do explosions in movies! You want to put that in a car?"

B: "Yeah. I'm not getting near it. I hear it causes cancer too!"

· George B (not verified) · 6 years ago

Great to see after spending two and half days answering comments from haters on Yahoo forums.

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