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Arizona-based GoE3 to unveil southern Arizona's first Level 3 EVSE at Picacho Peak on Saturday, December 8th

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Benjamin Nead · · 4 years ago

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, Tempe-based GoE3 will unveil the first Level 3 EVSE in Southern Arizona at Picacho, Arizona. The precise location is the Shell station at the Bowlin Travel Plaza on I-10 (Exit 219, southeast side of the highway.) Assisting in the coordination of this event is the Pima Association of Government Clean Cities Coalition (Tucson) and Valley of The Sun Clean Cities Coalition (Phoenix.)

The general public is welcome to attend from 12:00 Noon to 5:00PM on December 8. Highlights include a ribbon-cutting speech from Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett at 2:30PM. Within eye-shot of the new Level 3 installation is Picacho Peak, a fossilized volcano that provides a stunning desert landmark and the site of the western-most battle of the U.S. Civil War in 1862.

The GoE3 Picacho Peak EVSE provides a logically located Quick Charge facility that promises to finally link the two largest cities in Arizona for electric vehicle travel. All Level 3 formats in use or soon to be introduced in North America - Tesla, CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo - will be accommodated.

Please note that, due to the large number of EVs expected to attend on December 8, Level 3 charging accommodations cannot be guaranteed for all! Please coordinate with your EV-owning friends in Phoenix and Tucson for carpooling options.

See you there!


· · 4 years ago

I should add that I'm headed up there in the passenger seat of a Mitsubishi i. There will be lots of Leafs, a Tesla Roadster or two and - quite possibly - a Tesla S.

· · 4 years ago

It was pointed out to me in an email (thanks, Paul) that the Bowlin Travel Plaza is on the northeast side of I-10. There is, of course, the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch on the south side of I-10 at Exit 219 (worth a visit, but no Level 3 EVSE as of yet, alas) . . .

Just yesterday, Tucson Clean Cities authored a press release and a PDF copy can be downloaded here . . .

· · 4 years ago

@Benjamin Nead,
Thanks for all of your efforts at publicizing and promoting this event.

· · 4 years ago

You're welcome, ex-EV1. I got to speak with the GoE3 folks last spring about their plans for Level 3 EVSE deployment, when I visited the Biosphere 2 facility, just north of Tucson . . .

. . . and, now that they are beginning to actively deploy these units, I'll be doing a followup report.

I'm sure GoE3 is paying very close attention to what Tesla is doing with their Supercharger network and will be placing their terminals to compliment that effort. Since GoE3 is an Arizona-based company, their first EVSEs will be popping up around the state. But the announced plan is for a nationwide presence. More to come . . .

· · 4 years ago

A shout out thanks to Josh, who pointed out a spelling mistake in the title of this article,
which has now been corrected.

Also . . . James at has added this new installation to their extensive
EVSE database . . .

· · 4 years ago

@Benjamin Nead,
Were you at the opening?
What brand of charger is it?

· · 4 years ago

I'll be there. It isn't until this Saturday afternoon. Word has it that a Tesla S will be attending, so this will be my first opportunity to see one of those. I'm charging batteries for my audio recorder and camera as I type this.

The EVSE is, I think, manufactured by Eaton Corporation. At least that's who was installing the earlier (Level 2) GoE3 unit at Biosphere 2 this past spring. I'll have lots of technical questions for these guys about their equipment, some of which might be too "inside" for the radio feature I'll be producing, but good info to share on this site.

· · 4 years ago

Well, this was a very satisfying day. I'll have a detailed report fairly soon. Lots of audio and photographs to go through. A couple of Tesla S' were in attendance.

· Bill (not verified) · 4 years ago

I just wanted to let you and your readers know that CHAdeMO /DCQC is not L3. The SAE connector on the left side is L3. The EVSEs there are the L2s/240V.

· · 4 years ago

Are you saying that there are 4 charging stations?
1 SAE L3
2 L2 J1772

· · 4 years ago

Here's the best way I can describe it, guys. Physically, there is one large unit with two Level 3 plugs, currently configured with (one each) a CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo connector. It's about a large as a conventional gasoline pump, with door that opens - accessible only to technician - that Sean Hegna of Eaton (he helped installed it) referred to as 5 "power drawers," which are 10kW each. He mentioned (it's in my audio recorded transcript, so I'll have to double check) on Saturday that it was set at 208V DC and that 2 power drawers (20kW) were operational. So, this is less than the complete 440V Level 3 specification, which I think is what Bill is implying by stating "not L3."

Bill's description is also accurate in that there is another, smaller EVSE to the left (as you are facing displays) - electrically connected to the larger one with the power drawers - that features two Level 2s on standard J1772 plugs. Sean seemed to indicate that upgrades (ie: additional power drawers) can be field installed very quickly as needed.

GoE3's CEO, Bruce Brimacombe noted in an email yesterday " The final configuration will be over the next few weeks to bring the unit up to its full capacity. During the rush to make the event simple, neutral was left out for the 110 and the 50 amp plugs so RH electrical will pull that on Monday. The 110 side is gratis always for cell phones tablets and 110 EVs as an emergency. The units will be covered by a solar powered awning for lights security cameras and music if requested. There will be a set of benches installed between them for our customers convenience and the most important the EV-Only Parking ("deICEr") signs should be installed. It is also our intent to bring in solar after completion of the routes to reduce the load on the grid. As the long term we see a completely zero gas emissions system."

If anyone has technical questions regarding this, I'll attempt to entertain them. I can pass them along to the GoE3 and/or Eaton folks and repost answers here.

· · 4 years ago

Thanks Benjamin,
This sounds fairly flexible. Someone is thinking here!
This is also the first SAE standard Level 3 charger I've heard of even if it doesn't provide the full power possible.
20 kW may not be a full 50 or 100 kW but it is still a huge improvement from 3.3 kW that the Leaf's Level 2 will handle.
Did anyone charge a Leaf with the CHAdeMO on Saturday? The only checkin I've seen was from a Tesla Roadster.
I hope folks start using this station and encourage them to upgrade it to faster charging.

· · 4 years ago

There really is something special going on at this installation, ex-EV1. As the quote from Bruce indicates, there is additional work going on today out a Picacho Peak and the fully 50kW capability should be available within the next few weeks. Several Leafs were hooked up to the CHAdeMO plug on Saturday.

Also, since this was a grand opening ceremony and more EVs were anticipated to show up than would probably be present on any given day, two outfits offering emergency roadside charging were also present and providing "limited" Level 3 and Level 2 charging.

· · 3 years ago

Here, linked below, is the radio feature I produced for the GoE3 EVSE unveiling. You can stream that feature from this web site and the associated article has a few photos as well . . .

· · 3 years ago

Excellent piece. I hope it got a lot of airplay since it pretty much lays out the fact that Phoenix or Tucson EV drivers can pretty much do what they need with even a limited range EV such as a Leaf.

· · 3 years ago

Thanks, ex-EV1. It got it's fair share of airplay and the web page you got to hear it on stays up in perpetuity.

One of the voices you heard in the interview, Jerry Asher, has taken his Leaf all over the state and, uncharacteristically, travels distances in this city-oriented car that most others wouldn't attempt. Using various Level 2 EVSEs and at least one 240V outlet at an RV campsite, he has made the the Tucson-to-Phoenix run in 9 hours (it's typically 2 hours via ICE, when obeying speed limits.) The Picacho Peak Level 3 brings it down to a 5 hours trip . . . still impractical in this car, as there really needs to be a matching Level 3 EVSE another 30 or 40 miles up the road. The promise is that GoE3 will install such a unit in that area (probably in the large shopping mall just north of Casa Grande) sometime early in 2013.

But then we come up to the dilemma of performing multiple Level 3 charges on a Leaf within the period of a single day, which is something that Nissan advises against. So, Teslas will be immediately able to take advantages of these GoE3 installations. But we are probably going to have to wait until Nissan puts a liquid thermal management system in the Leaf's battery pack, or Chevy brings out the Spark EV (whichever comes first,) before more competitively priced pure EVs can do multiple Level 3 charges on the run along that 100 mile stretch.

· Bill (not verified) · 3 years ago

Again Ben, DCQC/CHAdeMO, is NOT L3. L3 is the dual SAE plug. Also, Nissan is NOT going to add TMS to the LEAF, but will change to a battery chemistry that isn't as affected by heat and cold. TMS adds expense, complexity, weight, and may not even help that much in very hot climates.

· · 3 years ago

You don't need to get too persnickety about terminology. It's a lot easier to talk about "L3" than "DCFC", "DCQC", CHAdeMO, or other terms that imply "really fast" charging as opposed to glacial L2 charging. Besides, I believe the ineffective SAE J1772 committee refers to their charging as "Level 1", "Level 2", and "Level 3" so I'll suggest that, perhaps Benjamin's "L3" is a standard term for really fast charging encompassing CHAdeMO, SAE Frankenplug, Tesla, Posicharge, etc, since everyone in this forum knows what he's talking about.
Good luck to Nissan coming up with a Li-ion battery that can handle ambient temperatures exceeding 110F for long periods of time.
I question whether the extra expense, complexity, and weight of TMS is really impossible. I've seen window air conditioners and home refrigerators for a few $hundreds. The car already has an air conditioner unit in it that could possibly be used as well.

· · 3 years ago

Yeah, Bill, if you're getting your paycheck from the Society of Automotive Engineers, I guess I can see why you're splitting hairs here. But there are hundreds - perhaps thousands - of online and print sources that refer to CHAdeMO as "Level 3." I'll also including the engineer I talked to from Eaton Corporation, who personally installed the Picacho Peak unit, as well as all the company officials I've talked to at GoE3 (most of whom are engineers) who own it.

Perhaps all this reminds me just a bit of an old French aeronautical term, decalage, which was originally used to denote the difference in the angle that wings are set on a biplane (the upper one is typically positioned at a slightly upward angle - or at a positive incidence - when compared to the lower one.) But today, decalage is more commonly used to refer to the angular difference between the wing (typically just one, as in a monoplane) and the stabilizing tail surface. The more correct terminology for this latter measurement is longitudinal dihedral, but almost everyone you talk to in the aeronautical world defaults to the word decalage . . . and all involved with the science of aeronautics today will know what is being conveyed.

Back to electric cars: yes, Nissan has announced new batteries (Hitachi sourced, I believe) for the 2013 US-built Leaf, which have been advertised to be more robust than the old ones. But it is known that Nissan also had plans to deploy the Leaf some years ago in Middle East countries and talked then about utilizing a liquid thermal management for the pack. If they don't do it and their new US-built pack is good for only a single - ah um - "Level 3" charge per day, Chevy's Spark EV (which has recently been reported to include it and can be recharged several times daily this way) is going to be a far more flexible EV with similar passenger accommodations and at about the same price point as the Leaf.

· · 3 years ago

pack is good for only a single - ah um - "Level 3" charge per day. . . pack is good for only a single - ah um - "Level 3" charge per day . . . ."
I guess Nissan has designed their L3 capability to reduce range anxiety for urban drivers instead of supporting long-distance road trips.
There was a Japanese study in the '90's that showed that with only charging at the office, fleet EV drivers seldom ventured very far from the office. The placement of only a small number of L3 stations gave them the courage to use much more of the vehicle's range even though they seldom used the L3 stations.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 3 years ago

for those of you behind the times leaf batteries are made in tennessee USA and the term L3 is termed for high voltage dc to dc charging.also L3 charging more than once a day does not hurt the leaf!!

· · 3 years ago

L3 charging more than once a day does not hurt the leaf!!
This is not the message put out by Nissan. They even warn you if you regularly use L3 charging once a day.

· · 3 years ago

I don't think any of us are "behind the times," Anon. But you seem to be projecting yourself into a future that isn't quite here yet. The Tennessee factory only just started production and batteries being made there will not be showing up in US production Leafs until early 2013.

As someone who wants to see electric cars succeed - and harbors no particular ill will towards Nissan - I hope the new Leaf's battery is better than the old one. But we're just going to have to wait to see if it's really a significant improvement.

And, yes, it's well know that Nissan discourages exposing the battery to more than one Level 3 (you know . . . via the CHAdeMO plug? . . . call it "un-Level 3" if it make you feel better) per day.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 3 years ago

When do you expect to see charging infrastructure (L2 & L3) heading north to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon?

· · 3 years ago

From what I've been told, Anon., GoE3 will inaugurate a L2/L3 EVSE, similar to the Picaho Peak at the Bookmans Bookstore in Flagstaff in mid January 2013. As I get more details I'll post info on this blog thread or, perhaps, start a new dedicated thread here on Plug In Cars. The owner of the Bookman's franchise, Bob Oldfather, is a long time supporter of electric cars around here.

My guess is, after that Flagstaff installation, we'll start to see a fill-in all along I-10 (Tucson to Phoenix) and I-17 (Phoenix to Flagstaff.) But I haven't heard about a dedicated Grand Canyon installation just yet.

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