Latest Toyota RAV4 EV News

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Latest Toyota RAV4 EV News

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By Zach McDonald ·
August 17, 2011

Toyota Uses RAV4 Electric Vehicle To Buy Time With Regulators

A closer look at Toyota's limited ambitions for the new RAV4 EV reveal a remarkable similarity to its aims for the first-generation version of the crossover—namely, satisfying the California Air Resources Board's Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate. “Toyota is serious about its electric vehicle program,” said Jay Friedland, legislative director of Plug In America, to “But at this point, its electric vehicle program is seriously limited.”

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By Zach McDonald ·
July 20, 2011

Toyota Says Rav4 EV Will Be Sold to Consumers; Tesla to Receive $100 Million for its Efforts

Toyota has refuted an earlier report that its forthcoming Rav4 EV will be a fleet-only release, clarifying that it will actually be sub-brand Scion's iQ EV that will be available only to private businesses and car-sharing programs. Additionally, the car giant has finally disclosed some of the terms of the its agreement with Tesla to co-develop and manufacture parts for the Rav4 EV, which is scheduled for release in United States in 2012.

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By Nick Chambers ·
April 15, 2011

New Toyota RAV4 EV Unlikely to Support DC Fast Charging at Launch

The Toyota-Tesla RAV4 EV test drives are done, but it doesn't appear the vehicle will support DC Fast Charging at launch. Citing the lack of agreement on a standard, the high cost of installation and the lack of access to charging stations, Toyota says it will considered changing its mind if some or all of those barriers change in the next year.

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By Nick Chambers ·
April 08, 2011

Plug-in Carmakers Must Figure Out How to Meet New Demands of the Technology Crowd

Cars are increasingly become more computer than car, and plug-in cars are an especially good example of this. The marriage of connectivity and high tech drivetrains is being driven by consumers that are demanding it, but car manufacturers aren't able to keep up with the expectations of consumers that are used to getting the newest gadget every six months to a year. Something's going to have to give, and it won't be the consumers.

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By Brad Berman ·
April 07, 2011

First Drive: Rav4 EV Prototype Embodies Tesla Spirit

Unlike a number of electric car start-ups denying access to pre-production models, Toyota this week allowed a few dozen journalists to drive the current iteration of its upcoming RAV4 EV all-electric SUV. I had about 20 minutes behind the wheel, with another 40 minutes or so as a passenger. All signs indicate that Toyota and Tesla are on the way to producing the big boy of the new electric vehicle era.

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By Zach McDonald ·
March 03, 2011

Carmakers Seek to Satiate American SUV Lust, With Electricity

For nearly two decades, automakers have had a keen awareness of America's infatuation with sport utility vehicles. And though the SUV market may never again reach the heights that it did during the early-2000s, the question for carmakers isn't so much whether Americans still want to drive the vehicles but whether they can be made practical in an era of energy uncertainty and rising fuel economy standards.

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By Brad Berman ·
November 22, 2010

Exclusive Video: Interview with RAV4 EV Engineer

As we reported, Toyota unveiled the RAV4 EV prototype last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Minutes after the presentation, I spoke with Greg Bernas, the Toyota engineer in charge of the project. It’s still early days in the development of the vehicle, which is due out in 2012, but Greg was able to share a few choice details about the current status of the project.

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By Nick Chambers ·
November 18, 2010

Tesla's Musk is On Hand as Toyota Debuts RAV4 EV at the LA Auto Show

The much-anticipated second coming of the Toyota RAV4 EV took center stage at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show as the company unveiled a production version of the vehicle they expect to hit showrooms in 2012. As many readers know, the new RAV4 EV is a result of the growing collaboration between electric car startup Tesla Motors and Toyota—a relationship which has evolved quickly over the past year.

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By Zach McDonald ·
September 13, 2010

Toyota RAV4 EV to Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show in November

Just three months after we discovered that the Toyota/Tesla alliance was more than just a capital-raising, technology-sharing venture—and that it would send a real vehicle to the market in less than three years—the carmaker has announced that we will actually see the fruits of that collaboration this fall.

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The Business Case for "Toy-Tesla" Reviving the RAV4 EV

By John Gartner ·
July 16, 2010

This could be the beginning of the transition of Tesla Motors from EV maker to EV technology developer, which likely increases the company's long term prospects. Licensing its drive propulsion technology and packaged battery systems is likely a better match for Tesla's core competency than trying to be a bumper-bumper automotive OEM.

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