2013 Chevy Spark EV Gets Official EPA Rating: 119 MPGe, 82 Mile Range

By · April 25, 2013

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The E.P.A. awarded an official fuel economy rating of 119 MPGe to the Chevy Spark EV.

According to G.M., its 2013 Chevrolet Spark EV will be the most efficient plug-in car to go on sale in the U.S. to date, thanks to an E.P.A.-approved fuel economy rating of 119 MPGe.

Those with good memories will recall that’s not quite as high as the official gas mileage ratings given to the 2013 Scion iQ EV, which tops the official E.P.A. ratings table at 121 MPGe. Because that particular car isn’t available at dealers however, G.M. is keen to claim the title of most efficient plug-in car for itself.

Along with the fuel economy rating, the 2013 Spark EV also gets an official range figure from the E.P.A.: 82 miles per charge of its 20 kilowatt-hour battery pack.

On paper, this places the Spark EV ahead of the 2013 Nissan LEAF in official E.P.A. range ratings, despite having a battery pack 3 kilowatt-hours smaller than the larger hatchback.

Like all other E.P.A. ratings to date however, those for the Spark EV need to be taken with a large dose of metaphorical salt. Despite becoming more realistic over recent years, E.P.A. gas mileage tests still do not replicate nor predict real-world ranges and should not be used for anything other than a rough guide to a car’s true capabilities. This is especially true considering the close margin in very high MPGe numbers among small electric cars.

We’ll have to wait for real-world reports until the summer, when Chevrolet will start to sell its new all-electric minicar to customers in California and Oregon.


· · 5 years ago

Er, no Nikki, on a full charge, the Leaf gets 84 miles EPA, therefore (slightly) besting the Spark.

Not that 2 miles makes much of a difference in reality, but if you think the comparison is relevant, at least it should be accurate.

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